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to float / to hover / to drift (also fig., to lead a wandering life) / to rove / showy / superficial
to float (in the air etc) / suspension
Yunfu prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province 廣東省|广东省 in south China
  *浮* | 浮* | *浮
to float / superficial / floating / unstable / movable / provisional / temporary / transient / impetuous / hollow / inflated / to exceed / superfluous / excessive / surplus
lit. sinking and floating / to bob up and down on water / ebb and flow / fig. rise and fall / ups and downs of fortune / vicissitudes
magnetic levitation (train) / maglev
frivolous / careless / giddy
downward fluctuation (of prices etc)
to float / to hover / also written 漂浮
UFO (loanword) / unidentified flying object / space ship
to have one's ups and downs
maglev (type of train) / magnetic levitation
to float in the air
to float up

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