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  *派* | 派* | *派
clique / school / group / faction / to dispatch / to send / to assign / to appoint / pi (Greek letter Ππ) / the circular ratio pi = 3.1415926 / (loanword) pie
to send (on a mission) / to dispatch
denomination / group / school / faction / school of thought
villain (of a drama etc)
party (loanword)
Coolpad Group Ltd, Chinese company
sect / school (group of followers of a particular doctrine)
to send / to deliver / to distribute
to appoint
to send sb abroad at the government's expense
local police station
Pike or Peck (name) / Parker Pen Company
impressive / stylish / magnificent / imposing manner / dignified air
to dispatch (sb) in an official capacity / to be posted (as an ambassador, foreign correspondent etc)
to assign / to appoint / assignment
political party / faction
sect / faction
gang / faction
special correspondent / sb dispatched on a mission / special commissioner
to produce (from sth else) / to derive (from raw material) / derivative
tributary (stream) / (fig.) school (of thought) / genre / style
to select / to detail / to set apart / to appoint
Raspberry Pi (computing)
to put to good use / to come in handy
special appointment / special correspondent / task force / sb dispatched on a mission
opposition faction
to assign (a task to different people) / to allocate
school of thought
way of doing sth / behavior / to act in an affected manner / mannerism / gestures in opera
happy-go-lucky people / optimists
apple pie
the foreign learning or Westernizing faction in the late Qing
academism (art)
hardline faction / hawks
to be honest and upright / to have moral integrity
Shia sect (of Islam)
derivative word
two-faced person / double-dealing
new faction
manner / style / panache
to send on assignment / to deploy (troops)
politically unaffiliated / independent (candidate)
conservative faction
style / manner
moderate faction / party of compromise / middle ground
hawk faction (opposite: 鴿派|鸽派, doves) / fierce and combative party / war party / warmongers
(political) left / left wing / leftist
capitalist roader (person in power taking the capitalist road, a political label often pinned on cadres by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution)
(political) right / right wing / rightist
Gatsby, Japanese cosmetics brand
modernist faction / modernists
the reformist faction
to dispatch troops
Fiat Palio
dove faction (opposite: 鷹派|鹰派, hawks) / peace party / the faction seeking peace
Frankfurt School
Republican faction
to dispatch
Democratic faction
local faction / pro-localization faction (in Taiwanese politics)
moderate faction
dispatch office
Jacobin club, French revolutionary party that played a leading role in the reign of terror 1791-1794
to apportion expenses, responsibilities etc / to demand contributions
parka jacket (loanword) / CL:
to send (sb) on a mission / to dispatch
Geju (Tibetan: transmit word of Buddha) sect of Tibetan Buddhist
fixed government purchase (esp of farm products)
the pro-war faction / hawks
Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism
Sunni sect (of Islam)
pan-Democratic alliance (Hong Kong)
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)
Charismatic Movement
the Mei Lanfang School / see 梅蘭芳|梅兰芳
young guard / young and vigorous group with new ideas / new wave
persons or faction in authority
centrist / the centrist faction
Paramount Pictures (US movie company)
the reformist party
Mandarin ducks and butterfly (i.e. love birds) literary school around 1900, criticized as populist and romantic by socialist realists
rebel faction
Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Campaign ended in 1957
Christian denomination
to send / to dispatch
a pack of lies
Sufi sect of Islam in central Asia

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