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life / activity / to live / livelihood
flexible / nimble / agile
to revive / (lit. and fig.) to come back to life / (religion) resurrection
happy / cheerful
to work / to do manual labor
to activate
  *活* | 活* | *活
to live / alive / living / work / workmanship
to survive (a serious accident) / survival
to work / to be employed
vivid / lively / (of food ingredients) live or fresh
sex life
private life
specialty / unique skill
to provide for / to keep (animals, a family etc) / to raise animals / to feed and clothe / support / the necessities of life / to give birth
LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability)
while still alive / simply / totally
life or death / fate / no matter what / anyway / for the life of me
to be really busy / pressing business
to survive
spiritual or moral life
heavy work
to bring back to life
farm work
to save life / to rescue / the whole business with all its processes
manipulation (e.g. ball handling in sport) / hand job
to appreciate life
lit. you die, I live (idiom); irreconcilable adversaries / two parties cannot coexist
to live one's life / to make a living
political life
to eke out a living / to live from hand to mouth / to drift aimlessly
to work for a living (esp. of woman needleworker) / life of a group of stones in Go 圍棋|围棋
(of an actor) to bring (one's character) to life / to act brilliantly
to subsist / to eke out a living / to keep body and soul together
to take on a piece of work / to pick up some freelance work / (of a taxi driver) to pick up a fare
to enliven / to invigorate / to revitalize
to tire oneself out through overwork / to work oneself to death
Notopterygium root (root of Notopterygium incisum)
one's utmost / (to fight or work) desperately hard / to put up a life or death struggle / at all costs
odd jobs
to come to life (by magic)
half dead / more dead than alive
job paid according to the amount of work done / contract work
unskilled labor / heavy manual work
needlework / sewing
to work as amateur for no pay
bitter work / sweated labor
to finish a job on time / to produce the goods
being anti-American is the job, but life is in America (jocular comment made about public figures who are brazenly xenophobic but whose family live abroad)
terribly / awfully / desperately
lit. if moved to a new location, a tree will die, but a person will live (idiom) / fig. human beings, unlike trees, thrive on change
(northern dialect) to pick up a fare (as a taxi driver) / to pick up a piece of work (as a courier)
oral sex
parasitism / parasitic life-style
time served in prison / prison life
to act recklessly (idiom)
trick / deception
night life

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