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cement / CL:
  *泥* | 泥* | *泥
mud / clay / paste / pulp
  *泥* | 泥* | *泥
mud / sludge
earth; soil; mud; clay
muddy water / mud / masonry (craft)
plaster / mortar
landslide / torrent of mud and stones / mudslide
slurry / mud
muddy / mud
mashed potato
to be a stickler for formalities / to rigidly adhere to / to cling to / constrained / ill at ease
silt / sludge / ooze
red ink paste used for seal
clay figurine
mud / mire
mason / masonry work
clay modeling / clay figurine or statue
mud pit / mire / morass
to try to smooth things over / to paper over the issues / to gloss things over
(idiom) to be dead drunk; to be plastered
lit. when you pull a radish out of the ground, some dirt comes up with it (idiom) / fig. to uncover, during the investigation of a crime, evidence of other crimes / to cause further problems while working on a problem
jujube paste
peasant / yokel
Nanniwan, township 45 km south of Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi / "Nanniwan", a song written in 1943 to celebrate the achievements of communist revolutionaries in Nanniwan, where the 359th brigade of the Eighth Route Army reclaimed barren land as part of a campaign to become self-sufficient in food during a blockade by enemy forces
mudstone / shale
lime plaster (construction)
bricklayer / tiler / mason
to gild / gilt
to seal jars etc with mud, clay or lute / lute / luting
a goose's footprint in the snow / vestiges of the past (idiom) / the fleeting nature of human life (idiom)
Devonian (geological period 417-354m years ago)
clay idol
dirt / grime
as different as heaven and earth (idiom) / worlds apart
conservative and unable to adapt (idiom)
dirty snow / slush / abbr. for 雪泥鴻爪|雪泥鸿爪
mudstone (geology)
soft mud / silt / sludge / ooze (geology)
plasticine / modeling clay
lit. wading in mud and water / a slovenly job / sloppy
mud / muddy swamp / sump / fig. a sticky predicament
stick-in-the-mud / to stick to old ways / stubbornly conservative
loach / mud fish / CL: 條|条
sealing clay / lute
(Buddhism) Naraka
yam paste (a snack in Chaozhou cuisine)
lit. to grow out of the mud unsullied (idiom) / fig. to be principled and incorruptible
to fall flat on one's face
a landslide
to belittle / to attack sb
to despise titles and high offices
putty (used by plumbers and glaziers)
clay doll
stubborn and conservative
mud and sand flow together (idiom) / good and bad mingle
matted sphagnum moss (Sphagnum palustre)
lit. a clay ox enters the sea (idiom); fig. to disappear with no hope of returning
peasant / yokel
clay Bodhisattva
like a clay Bodhisattva fording a river, can't guarantee his own safety / unable to save oneself, let alone others
blind drunk / drunk as drunk can be
the swallow's nest is built one beakful of mud at a time (idiom) / many a little makes a mickle
useless (idiom) / worthless / inept
white cement
Portland cement
chlorite (geology)
boat used for collecting river sludge (to use as a fertilizer)
to remove mud / desliming (in coal production)
grass mud horse / used as a substitute for 肏你媽|肏你妈, to mock or avoid censorship on the Internet
when radishes are selling fast, one doesn't take the time to wash the soil off them (idiom) / fig. when business is booming, merchants tend to offer goods of inferior quality
erhua variant of 軟泥|软泥
reinforced concrete
reinforced concrete
mashed potato

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