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foam / (soap) bubble / (economic) bubble
to steep / to soak / to immerse
  *泡* | 泡* | *泡
puffed; swollen; spongy / small lake (esp. in place names) / classifier for urine or feces
  *泡* | 泡* | *泡
bubble / foam / blister (i.e. skin bubble) / to soak / to steep / to infuse / to dawdle / to shilly-shally / to hang about / to pick up (a girl) / to get off with (a sexual partner) / classifier for occurrences of an action / classifier for number of infusions
light bulb / see also 電燈泡|电灯泡 / third-wheel or unwanted third party spoiling a couple's date (slang) / CL: 個|个
bubble / blister (in metal) / (of beverages) sparkling / carbonated
to produce foam / (of a beverage) fizzy / sparkling
pickled cabbage
to bathe / to immerse oneself in a warm bath
bubble / blister
to make tea
instant noodles
to dawdle / to go slow deliberately / to fizzle out / to have all one's hopes dashed / (Tw) to have a soak in a hot spring
to pick up girls / to play around with girls / to chase after girls
foot bath / foot soak
ovarian follicle / Taiwan pr. [luan3 pao4]
pulmonary alveolus
to bubble / to fizz / to effervesce
lit. froth and shadows / fig. illusion / mirage
illusion (Buddhism) / pipe dream
expanded polystyrene (EPS) / styrofoam
to coax and pester (idiom) / to wheedle / to cajole
bubble economy
pickled pepper
bubble gum
Paulownia (genus)
to soak cooked rice in soup or water / cooked rice reheated in boiling water
to brew / to infuse / to pickle
to spend time in a bar (alcohol, Internet etc) / to go clubbing
to come to nothing (idiom)
seersucker (cotton cloth with pattern of dimples)
small lake / pond
light bulb
to sauté / bubbles that appear in the oil when deep-frying
blister (caused by burns)
to procrastinate / to shilly-shally and waste time
eddy / whirlpool
honest and trustworthy (idiom)
to marinade
pustule / pussy pimple / same as 膿包|脓包
to soak in a spa or hot spring
to bubble / to foam / to blister / to sprout boils (on one's body) / sparkling (wine etc)
soap bubble
housing bubble
lit. to follow the recipe (idiom) / to follow the same plan
variant of 娘炮
(dialect) bladder
bubble wrap
bubble wrap
to add water (or other liquid) to (another ingredient such as powdered milk or tea leaves) / to infuse (tea)
baking powder
to infuse / to soak in water
bubble bath
bubble bath lotion
loose socks / baggy socks
to dilly-dally on the pretence of being ill / to malinger
to reconstitute (dried mushrooms, seaweed etc)
distillation tower / bubble tower / plate column
cream puff (loanword) / profiterole
(coll.) skinny fat person (person who is MONW: metabolically obese normal weight)
light but bulky goods
meat and bread soup (a specialty of Shaanxi cuisine)
vacuole (biology)
foaming agent / blowing agent
friction blister
to come to nothing (idiom)
reticulated foam
cystic fibrosis
(biology) blastodermic vesicle
(biology) blastocyst
soft in the head / brainless / dumb
swine vesicular disease (SVD)
to emit bubbles / to bubble / to foam (with rage) / to seethe
light bulb / (slang) unwanted third guest
kimchi / Korean pickled cabbage
citron (Citrus medica) / grapefruit

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