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  *沙* | 沙* | *沙
surname Sha
  *沙* | 沙* | *沙
granule / hoarse / raspy / sand / powder / CL: / abbr. for Tsar or Tsarist Russia
Jinsha county in Bijie prefecture 畢節地區|毕节地区, Guizhou / Chinsha town in Kinmen County 金門縣|金门县 (Kinmen or Quemoy islands), Taiwan
Changsha prefecture-level city and capital of Hunan province in south central China
sweetened bean paste
Formosa (Tw)
Warsaw, capital of Poland
cat litter / kitty litter
sand blown by wind / sandstorm
Yéngisar nahiyisi (Yengisar county) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
Mogadishu, Indian ocean seaport and capital of Somalia
cinnabar (used in TCM)
La Salle (used in the names of schools etc) / Jean-Baptiste de La Salle (1651-1719), French priest, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools
laksa, spicy noodle soup of Southeast Asia
lit. broken halberds embedded in the sand (idiom) / fig. reminder of a fierce battle / remnants of a disastrous defeat
scattered sand / fig. lacking in cohesion or organization
muscovite, mica (used in TCM) / Muscovitum
fine sand
lit. like a sheet of loose sand / fig. unable to cooperate (idiom)
Baisha (common place name) / Baisha Lizu autonomous county, Hainan / Baisha or Paisha township in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县 (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan
Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Tw)
Longsha district of Qiqihar city 齊齊哈爾|齐齐哈尔, Heilongjiang
slushie / smoothie / crushed ice drink / frappucino
silkworm guano (excrement)
laksa, spicy noodle soup of Southeast Asia
Ganesha (the elephant-headed God in Hinduism, son of Shiva and Parvati)
red bean paste
Liao Mosha (1907-1990), journalist and communist propagandist, severely criticized and imprisoned for 10 years during the Cultural Revolution
lacking in cohesion and unity of purpose
Nansha Islands or Spratly Islands / Nansha District of Guangzhou City 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong
silicon sand
Gaza / same as 加沙地帶|加沙地带, the Gaza strip
submerged sandbank / submerged coral islet
Chuansha, name of street and park in Pudong New District 浦東新區|浦东新区, Shanghai
sand break (in desert environment)

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