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perspiration / sweat / CL: , 頭|头, / to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment etc) (Internet slang used as an interjection)
Afghanistan / Afghan
to sweat
to perspire / to sweat
brow beaded with sweat / perspiring freely
beads of sweat
to blush with shame (literary)
to sweat profusely (idiom) / drenched in sweat
hair / soft hair / down
night sweats
blood and sweat / sweat and toil
hard-earned money
vest / undershirt / shirt
sweat / perspiration
to sweat profusely
khan (loanword)
to sweat
Genghis Khan (1162-1227), founder and ruler of the Mongol Empire
war exploits / (fig.) heroic contribution
lit. to exert one's horse / fig. war exploits / warhorse
sweating like rain (idiom); to perspire profusely / sweating like a pig
to stop sweating / (mahjong and card games) to mark the tiles or cards with one's sweat, fragrance etc
khanate (Mongol state)
sweating profusely
cold sweat
common name for 花斑癬|花斑癣, tinea versicolor
sweat pore
supreme khan
profuse perspiration
Ferghana horse
sweat gland
bead of sweat
beads of sweat
to break out into a cold sweat (idiom)
oily sweat / (dialect) aphid
tank top / sleeveless undershirt
Golden Horde (ancient state)
vast / without boundaries / power (of a river or ocean)
to break out into a cold sweat (idiom)
Afghan (language) / Pashto language
Karakhan Dynasty of central Asia, 8th-10th century
lit. enough books to make a pack-ox sweat or to fill a house to the rafters (idiom); fig. many books
body odor
Qarhan Salt Lake in west Qinghai
Ögedei Khan (1186-1242), a son of Genghis Khan
Karakhan dynasty of central Asia, 8th-10th century
sweating from shame / extremely ashamed
sweat pore
the Later Jin dynasty (from 1616-) / the Manchu khanate or kingdom that took over as the Qing dynasty in 1644
Khan Tengri or Mt Hantengri on the border between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan
Timur or Tamerlane (1336-1405), Mongol emperor and conqueror
undershirt (dialect)
to drip with sweat / sweat poured off (him)
Ferghana horse / fine horse
sweating all over
lit. a hair plucked from (person A) would be thicker than (person B)'s waist (idiom) / fig. A is far richer (or more powerful) than B / (used in a pattern such as A拔根汗毛比B的腰粗)
Karakhan Dynasty of central Asia, 8th-10th century
to drip with sweat / sweat poured off (him)
to sweat buckets (idiom)
the Palace of the Bogdo Khan in Ulan Bator, Mongolia
to drip with sweat
dripping with sweat

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