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shell / conch / cowry / mother of pearl / hard outer skin / also pr. [bei4 qiao4]
  *殼* | 殼* | *殼
shell / carapace / crust (earth's crust etc) / also pr. [ke2]
envelope / outer shell / hull / cover / case
case, casing, cabinet or housing (of a computer, photocopier etc)
crust / hard shell
carapace / crust / outer shell / also pr. [jia3 ke2]
the body (housing the soul)
tortoise shell
skull / (fig.) brain (mental capacity)
the Earth's crust
lit. the cicada sheds its carapace (idiom); fig. to vanish leaving an empty shell / a crafty escape plan
ammunition case
tortoise shell
containment vessel
rice husk
bitter orange (Fructus aurantii) (used in TCM)
crust / crusting / incrustation
outer ear / auricle / pinna
to exuviate / to molt
carapace / hard outer shell
to break out of an eggshell / to molt / to remove the husk / to shell
husk of grain / grain and chaff
bullet-headed / stubborn
tortoise shell
muddled / momentarily confused
coconut shell
oceanic crust (geology)
metal cover
bark of Croton tiglium used as purgative
oil sump
oceanic crust (geology)
oceanic crust (geology)
carapace / hard outer shell / also pr. [pi2 ke2]

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