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  *段* | 段* | *段
paragraph / section / segment / stage (of a process) / classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc
stage / section / phase / period / CL: 個|个
by fair means or foul / by hook or by crook / unscrupulously
method / means (of doing sth) / strategy / trick / CL: 個|个
  *段* | 段* | *段
surname Duan
(numeric, data) field
item of storytelling or performed dialogue (folk arts) / sketch
fragment (of speech etc) / extract (from book etc) / episode (of story etc)
section / district
time interval / work shift / time slot / the twelve two-hour divisions of the day
specific to a particular stage (of a project etc) / interim (policy etc) / occurring in stages / phased
at the present stage
stretch of road / section of a highway or railway
rank / class / (Japanese martial arts and board games) dan
wave band
phase / time interval / paragraph / (written) passage
middle section / middle period / middle area / mid-
(cinema, literature etc) scene / trope / plot device / (songwriting) bridge
a woman's physique / figure / posture on stage
line segment
(radio) band / frequency band
prime time
stage of a competition
to get off one's high horse (idiom) / to dispense with posturing (and adopt a more humble or empathetic attitude)
short paragraph / news article
locomotive depot
(film and TV) blooper
aria (in opera)
"eight pieces of brocade," a set of qigong exercises with assumed medical benefits
final part / rear / back end / final segment / the following section / last paragraph
syllogism (deduction in logic)
Duan Qirui (1864-1936), commander of Beiyang Army under Yuan Shikai, then politician and powerful warlord
a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people
uphill section (of a race)
final segment / last stage
Duan Quanfa (1939-2010), Chinese writer
an emergency measure
Hengduan mountains dividing Sichuan from Tibet
time interval analysis
network segment
front part (of an object) / first part (of an event) / previous paragraph
logographic stage
sequential decoding stage
rank / level
high-level (ability) / advanced
leg of air or sea voyage
code segment
(literary) pony / (of a horse) walking leisurely
to split sth into two (idiom)
to come to the end of a phase (idiom)
alphabetic stage
data segment
new level / higher plane
Duan Yucai (1735-1815), author of Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) 說文解字註|说文解字注
segmentation fault
Bible passage
high-handed (measures) / with a heavy hand

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