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  *死* | 死* | *死
to die / impassable / uncrossable / inflexible / rigid / extremely / damned
to die / death
dead person / (coll.) to die; (of a death) to happen
to kill
matter of life and death
to crash (of a computer)
after death / posthumous
mythological figure (such as the Grim Reaper) in charge of taking the souls of those who die / (fig.) death
the dead / the deceased
to die
death penalty; capital punishment
to die suddenly
nearing death / on the point of demise / approaching extinction
hopeless situation / deadlock
to kill / to beat to death
dead end / (fig.) the road to disaster
the Dead Sea
to court death; to take a big risk
Damn it! / damned / wretched
cause of death
gap in coverage / gap in protection or defenses / neglected or overlooked area / dead end
life or death / fate / no matter what / anyway / for the life of me
to strangle
to die by violence
rigid / unwavering / unbendable / firm (hold on sth) / tenacious
to hound sb to death
prisoner that awaits execution / convict sentenced to death / someone on death row
bravery with no thought of personal safety (idiom); risking life and limb / undaunted by perils
blockage / obstruction / infarction
to fall ill and die / to die of illness
to defend one's property to the death / to cling obstinately to old habits / die-hard
half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness etc) / (tired) to death / (terrified) out of one's wits / (beaten) to within an inch of one's life / (knock) the daylights out of sb
to rise from the dead (idiom); fig. an unexpected recovery
to throw away one's life
casualties / dead and injured
lit. you die, I live (idiom); irreconcilable adversaries / two parties cannot coexist
deathly stillness
facing death / at death's door
nine deaths and still alive (idiom); a narrow escape / new lease of life
to help the dying and heal the injured
time of death / limited to a fixed period of time / fixed term
to starve to death / to be very hungry
to act recklessly (idiom)
suicide squad / kamikaze unit
(idiom) dead end / road to ruin
to drown
to pledge one's life
(coll.) to fight to the death
an execution / to put sb to death
to block (a road) / to plug (a hole) / to stop up
suspended animation / feigned death / to play dead
devil (used jocularly or contemptuously) / the departed
to crush to death
to bend to a task and spare no effort unto one's dying day (idiom); striving to the utmost one's whole life / with every breath in one's body, unto one's dying day
to burn to death
to drown
to kill with an explosion
to freeze to death / to die off in winter
from the cradle to the grave (idiom); to go through fire and water / brave / willing to risk life and limb
mortal danger, escape alive (idiom); a narrow escape / to survive by the skin of one's teeth
to behead / capital punishment / desperate struggle / life-and-death
matter of life and death
separated in life and death / to part for ever
(ball sports) dead ball
fight to the death / desperate struggle
to throttle / to choke to death
lethal point (acupuncture) / vulnerable spot / Achilles' heel
mortal crime / capital offense
to be hell-bent on / dead set on sth / unswerving
mortal enemy / arch-enemy
best friends / inseparable sidekick / diehard followers
lit. to be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die / fig. the fate of humankind (i.e. mortality)
to learn by rote / to mechanically memorize
lit. not close one's eyes after dying (idiom) / fig. to die with an unresolved grievance
to die while still relatively young / to have been dead (for some years)
stagnant water / backwater
to view death as a return home / to not be afraid of dying / to face death with equanimity (idiom)
violent death (idiom); to die in a disaster / an unnatural death
deathbed struggle / final struggle (idiom)
to hover between life and death (idiom) / to suffer terribly / within an inch of one's life
a corpse / a dead body
(lit.) to wither in the light of day / (fig.) the bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent (esp. of a much-anticipated first meeting with sb) / (of stocks) just as the favorable news is officially published, the stock price falls
(of a ruler) to order sb to commit suicide
to just escape from calamity
to be parted by death
as if drunk or entranced (idiom); leading a befuddled existence / in a drunken stupor
death by hanging / to hang oneself
greedy for life, afraid of death (idiom); craven and cowardly / clinging abjectly to life / only interested in saving one's neck
to place sb on field of death / to confront with mortal danger / to give sb no way out / with one's back to the wall / looking death in the eye / part of idiom 置之死地而後生|置之死地而后生
dead atmosphere / lifeless / spiritless
to die in a foreign land / to die abroad
to stab to death
news of sb's death
lit. ashes burn once more (idiom); fig. sb lost returns to have influence / sth malevolent returns to haunt one
brazen faced (idiom); shameless
lit. either the fish dies or the net splits / a life and death struggle (idiom)
to suffer an unjust death
to tire oneself out through overwork / to work oneself to death

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