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  *归* | 归* | *归
surname Gui
  *归* | 归* | *归
to return / to go back to / to give back to / (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by / to belong to / to gather together / (used between two identical verbs) despite / to marry (of a woman) (old) / division on the abacus with a one-digit divisor
to leave early and return late (idiom)
(idiom) to enjoy popular support / to receive general approval
to view death as a return home / to not be afraid of dying / to face death with equanimity (idiom)
to return to / to retreat / regression (statistics)
recursion / recursive (calculation) / recurrence
Angelica sinensis
to return from a rewarding journey
Zigui county in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei
to incorporate / to put under (external administration)
different routes to the same destination (idiom); fig. different means of achieve the same end
to return / to come back
to return home with honor
guests feel at home (in a hotel, guest house etc) / a home away from home
eventually / after all / anyhow
to fail to return a borrowed item
responsibility must lie where it belongs (idiom)
to return late; to come home late
linear regression (statistics)
(of ownership, custody etc) to be transferred to / to revert to / (medicine) clinical outcome / to reclassify (e.g. from asymptomatic carrier to confirmed case)
to return empty-handed / to fail to win anything
lit. to return east / fig. to return to one's homeland
fame follows merit (idiom)
(literary) (of a girl) to marry
sb who has come back to China after gaining overseas experience (a pun on 海龜|海龟) / to return to China after a period of study or work overseas
to come back to one's hometown in silken robes (idiom); to return in glory
to not go home until drunk (idiom) / let's make a night of it!
abacus division rules (using a single-digit divisor)
same road out, different ones back
(botany) lovage / Levisticum officinale
(idiom) to lose everything one invested; to lose one's shirt
avoid the enemy when he is fresh and strike him when he is tired and withdraws (idiom)
to return in low spirits following a defeat or failure to achieve one's ambitions (idiom)

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