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genuine; real; true / really; indeed
  *正* | 正* | *正
first month of the lunar year
  *正* | 正* | *正
straight / upright / proper / main / principal / to correct / to rectify / exactly / just (at that time) / right (in that place) / (math.) positive
to correct / to amend / to put right / correction / CL: 個|个
anyway / in any case / to come over from the enemy's side
to correct / to make right
just; fair; equitable
to correct / to make a correction
upright / regular / proper / correct
to revise / to amend
adopted name of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石
fair and honest
upright and honorable
to correct / to rectify (e.g. a physical defect such as hearing or vision) / to cure / rectification / correction / to straighten
to transfer to full membership / to obtain tenure
pure / unadulterated / (of motives etc) honest
to make a correction
sternly / solemn
to correct / to amend / to redress (evils)
Yongzheng, reign name of Qing emperor (1722-1735)
(literary and deferential) to solicit comments (on one's writing)
(literary) to follow the right path
to set sth upright or straight / to promote an employee from part-time to full-time (or from deputy to principal) / (old) to raise from concubine to wife status
Fangzheng county in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang
clear and square / neat / square (person)
see 正月
correct (literary) / upright / (hon.) Please point out my shortcomings. / I await your esteemed corrections.
to mend one's ways (idiom) / to turn over a new leaf
displaying strength and discipline / impressive / upright and frank / square
honest / upright
to stand straight / attention! (order to troops)
to overcorrect (idiom) / to overcompensate
to admonish
(polite) please amend my writing
upright and honest / integrity
to point out mistakes or weak points for correction / to comment / criticism
your wife (honorific)
to give up evil and return to virtue
to return to the right path / to mend one's ways / to reform / Reformed (church etc)
Taishō, Japanese era name, corresponding to the reign (1912-1926) of emperor Yoshihito 嘉仁
to exchange compliments on New Year's Day
(Tw) to guide sb in the right direction / to correct (behavior etc)
Han Zheng (1954-), senior vice premier of the PRC (2018-)
to refute and correct
Zhang Juzheng (1525-1582), Grand Secretary during the Ming dynasty, credited with bringing the dynasty to its apogee
to set right / to correct
bring order out of chaos / set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder
to proofread and correct / to edit and rectify / to correct / to calibrate
Director of the Imperial Clan in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿
to have regular features
biased / prejudiced (idiom)
Wu Guanzheng (1938-), former CCP Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
Lin Fong-cheng (1940-), Taiwanese politician
neat / orderly / just in time
staunchly honest
Xue Juzheng (912-981), Song historian and compiler of History of the Five Dynasties between Tang and Song 舊五代史|旧五代史
good will always triumph over evil (idiom)
orthodontic treatment / orthodontics

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