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to prohibit / to forbid / to ban
to prevent / to block
to prevent / to guard against / to take precautions
to close / to stop / to put a stop to sth / cut-off point / stopping point / deadline
so far / up to now / still (not)
to stop / to terminate (law)
to curb / to put a stop to / to stop / to check / to limit
incessantly / without end / more than / not limited to
to stop / to halt / to cease
  *止* | 止* | *止
to stop / to prohibit / until / only
to cease / to suspend / to break off / to stop / to discontinue
to halt / to stop / to go no farther
to stop
with a grunting sound it stops (idiom); to come to an end spontaneously (esp. of sound)
until / (used in combination with words like or in constructs of the form ...為止|到...为止)
to relieve pain / to stop pain / analgesic
to staunch (bleeding) / hemostatic (drug)
to want to say sth but then hesitate
to supress / to restrain
to repeal (a law) / to put an end to / abolition / annulled
bearing / manner / mien
to suppress coughing
far more than / not just
limit / boundary / end
without end / never-ending
incomparably good
(idiom) to gasp in amazement / to acclaim as the peak of perfection
no end to learning (idiom); There's always something new to study. / You live and learn.
to stop before going too far (idiom); to stop while one can / don't overdo it / stop while you're ahead
to hold back / to check (i.e. to stop sb's advance) / to resist / esp. with negative, irresistible, unstoppable etc
lit. the trees long for peace but the wind will never cease (idiom) / fig. the world changes, whether you want it or not
to cease / to end
to shout at sb to stop
lit. if he orders you go, he forbids you stop (idiom); fig. to demand exact compliance with instructions / to ensure strictly obedience
to be at peace with oneself
lit. to stop after taking just a sip (idiom); fig. to gain only a superficial knowledge of sth and then stop
lit. to quench one's thirst by thinking of plums (idiom) / fig. to console oneself with illusions
not only / far from / more than
until now / so far
lit. drinking poison in the hope of quenching one's thirst (idiom) / fig. a supposed remedy that only makes matters worse
(literary) end / limit
to forbid sb to go out / to curfew / to ground (as disciplinary measure)
to approach / to come close
looks and demeanor
(finance) stop-loss / to sell a security in response to its price dropping to one's stop-loss point 止損點|止损点
many times / on more than one occasion
rest (music)
to allay one's hunger and slake one's thirst (idiom)
complete prohibition / total ban
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
to stop at this point / to end here / to call it a day
Guwen Guanzhi, an anthology of essays written in Literary Chinese, compiled and edited by Wu Chucai and Wu Diaohou of Qing dynasty
while stocks last / subject to availability
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)
deadline; cut-off date
cough suppressant syrup / cough mixture
stop-loss order (finance)
(finance) stop-loss point (price at which one resolves to sell a security at a loss in order to avoid the possibility of having to sell later at an even lower price)
to prevent slipping / anti-slip
painkiller / analgesic
an analgesic / pain killer
method of relieving pain
painkiller / analgesic / anodyne
dressing / pad to stop bleeding
plug to stop bleeding / tampon (medicine)
Band-Aid / plaster
snooze button
Xizhi or Hsichih city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
Xizhi or Hsichih city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
to invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain (idiom)
visitors are not admitted (idiom)
ceaseless; endless (idiom)
while there is life, the fight continues (idiom); to fight to the last
No smoking!
nuclear test ban treaty
Do not enter! (road sign)
movements / attitude / behavior / whereabouts / tracks
to stop / to leave off
still / immobile / static / stationary
stationary front (meteorology)
to lie to (facing the wind)
to touch on sth and leave it there / to take care not to overdo sth

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