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to sing a song
karaoke (slang)
  *歌* | 歌* | *歌
song / CL: , / to sing
  *歌* | 歌* | *歌
variant of
variant of 谷歌
Google, Internet company and search engine
nursery rhyme
poem / CL: , ,
Acura (Honda car model)
(literary) to celebrate in song / to eulogize
love song
oldie (song)
folk song / mountain song
folk song / CL: ,
school song
national anthem
triumphal hymn / victory song / paean
love song
to sing loudly / to lift one's voice in song
Chen Kaige (1952-), Chinese movie director
music and song (formal writing)
Yangge, a popular rural folk dance
(sad) farewell song
to sing and dance / general term for a round dance
The Internationale
Zhaoge, capital of the Shang dynasty 商朝 / Zhaoge town in Qi county 淇縣|淇县, Hebi 鶴壁|鹤壁, Henan
shepherd's song / pastoral
sad melody / stirring strains / elegy / dirge / threnody / sing with solemn fervor
chorus / refrain
a dirge / an elegy
to sing to a string accompaniment / education (a reference to teaching the people Confucian values by means of song in ancient times)
part of the Book of Songs 詩經|诗经 / a song / a poem set to elegant music / a refined chant / the biblical Song of Solomon
Yingge or Yingko town in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
enka (Japanese genre of sentimental ballads)
Song of the Earth / Das Lied von der Erde
answering phrase of duet / to sing antiphonal answer
lit. sing to accompany wine (idiom); fig. life is short, make merry while you can
lit. on all sides, the songs of Chu (idiom) / fig. surrounded by enemies, isolated and without help
to sing at the top of one's voice (idiom)
mournful song / dirge / elegy
to yodel
rammers' work chant
Toreador Song (Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre), famous aria from opera Carmen 卡門|卡门 by Georges Bizet
morning chorus (birdsong)
(Tw) ballad (loanword) / mainstream song
waka (style of Japanese poetry)
song of lady Du Qiu, poem by Du Mu 杜牧
bubblegum pop song / cover song
the Lamentations of Jeremiah

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