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to fine / penalty / fine (monetary)
clause (of contract or law) / CL: 項|项
new style / latest fashion / new model
a loan / CL: 筆|笔 / to provide a loan (e.g. bank) / to raise a loan (from e.g. a bank)
to owe a debt / balance due / debts
to pay in installments / payment in installments
to lend money / to borrow money / loan
to deposit money (in a bank etc) / bank savings / bank deposit
to withdraw money; to take money out of the bank
advance (of funds)
  *款* | 款* | *款
section / paragraph / funds / CL: 筆|笔, 個|个 / classifier for versions or models (of a product)
to donate money / to contribute funds / donation / contribution (of money)
very wealthy person
to allocate funds / appropriation
leisurely / sincerely
reliable funds
to pay a sum of money / payment
booty / stolen goods
public money
tax payments
reparations / to pay reparations
huge sum of money / CL: 筆|笔
signature on letter / name of donor
similar (model) / merchandise similar to that used by a celebrity etc
addressee / name of recipient on painting or scroll
to remit money / remittance
payment for goods
fixed deposit / time deposit / certificate of deposit (banking)
to lend money (as a commercial loan)
variant of 巨款
terms of use
special fund / money allocated for a particular purpose
down payment
demand deposit
to withdraw money from a bank
inscription with name, date, or short sentence, on a painting, gift, letter etc / to write such an inscription
to receive payment; to collect money
demand loan (i.e. loan that the borrower can demanded back at any time)
to defer payment / to pay back over long term
to take funds (esp. illegally or corruptly obtained)
franchise clause (insurance)
money in an account
to withdraw money
bridging loan
to obtain money / to earn money (slang)
loan on favorable terms / concessionary loan / soft loan
cash on delivery (COD)
contributions / donations
balance (money remaining due)
to request payment (or reimbursement); to invoice
collect on delivery (COD)
low interest loan
to live off a rich man
student loan
to raise money / donated money
reconstruction loan provided by Great Powers to Yuan Shikai in 1913
payment of money owing
savings deposits and loans
accounts payable
accounts receivable
mortgage loan
funds on call / invested sum that can be cashed
to present (a bill of exchange etc) for payment
disaster relief funds
subprime mortgage
subprime lending / abbr. to 次貸|次贷
loving / caring / adoring
non-compete clause (law)
to defer payment
bridging loan
automatic cash withdrawal / bank autoteller ATM
to refund / refund
bridge loan
bridging loan
repayment / to pay back money
(law) unfair clause / unequal clause
down payment
down payment
to confess one's crime / first model, version, kind etc (of gadgets, software, cars etc)

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