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  *槽* | 槽* | *槽
trough / manger / groove / channel / (Tw) (computing) hard drive
to change jobs / job-hopping
(slang) to roast / to ridicule / also pr. [tu3 cao2]
tanker (truck)
recess / notch / groove / fillister
groove / furrow / trench
steel groove / V-shaped steel bar
(Internet slang) (substitute for 我肏) fuck / WTF
Thecodontia (obsolete taxonomic grouping of reptiles)
key slot
molar tooth
to die out (of livestock)
river bed / channel
slot / groove / slotted hole
washing tank / sink
cleavage (hollow between a woman's breasts)
thecodont (type of reptile that existed in the Permian and Triassic Periods)
feeding trough in stable
sluice / chute
brewery / papermaking craft shop (in former times)
cow and famous steed at the same trough (idiom); fig. the common and the great are treated alike / also written 牛驥同皂|牛骥同皂
spilt water returns to the trough (idiom); fig. people remember where they belong
feeding trough
three horses at the same trough (idiom, alluding to Sima Yi 司馬懿|司马懿 and his two sons); conspirators under the same roof
Roast! (PRC comedy series)

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