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plant / vegetation / CL: 種|种
plants and animals / flora and fauna
angiosperm (flowering plants with seed contained in a fruit)
evergreen plant
plants in the wild
gymnosperm (plants with seed contained in a cone)
legume / leguminous plant
woody plant
Cryptogamae / cryptogamous plant (botany) / plants such as algae 藻類|藻类, moss 苔蘚|苔藓 and fern 蕨類|蕨类 that reproduce by spores 孢子 in place of flowers
vascular plants / tracheophytes (botany)
Phanerogamae (botany) / flowering plants
deciduous plant / deciduous vegetation
needle-leaved plant (e.g. pine tree)
hybrid plant
seed plant
succulent (plant)
insectivorous plant
vine plant
herbaceous plant
creeper / climbing plant / twiner

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