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  *检* | 检* | *检
to check / to examine / to inspect / to exercise restraint
quarantine / quality inspection
disciplinary inspection / to inspect another's discipline
security check / to undergo a security check / abbr. for 安全檢查|安全检查
sampling / spot check / random test
to act with self-restraint / to examine oneself / to perform a self-test
quarantine inspection
to inspect goods
urine test / urinalysis / to do a urine test
gynecological examination (abbr. for 婦科檢查|妇科检查)
border inspection / immigration inspection
to check / to consult / to look up
drugs test (e.g. on athletes)
to rummage / to look through / to leaf through
to search out / to check
(of police etc) to stop (sb) for inspection / to pull (sb) over
screening (medicine)
restrained and cautious
(Tw) medical checkup / physical examination (abbr. for 健康檢查|健康检查)
General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), commissioned by Taiwan's Ministry of Education in 1999
to arrange for ease of search / to catalogue for retrieval
passenger inspection (customs)
gas detection
to inspect one by one / to list individually

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