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  *梗* | 梗* | *梗
branch / stem / stalk / CL: / to block / to hinder / (Tw) interesting, fresh, or amusing subject matter or scenario
myocardial infarction / heart attack
Chinese bellflower
(Tw) image macro / visual meme
(Tw) unoriginal / hackneyed / (of a joke) old
blockage / obstruction / infarction
myocardial infarction / heart attack
to clog / to block / to obstruct
stem of flower
to hamper / to obstruct
to hinder / to obstruct / to create difficulties
cerebral infarction
synopsis / outline (of story)
obstinate / persistent
(coll.) person who makes people laugh / funny guy
(Tw) to mention sth meant to be kept as a surprise / spoiler
abbr. for 心肌梗塞, myocardial infarction / heart attack
cerebral infarction
bull terrier
lame joke
variant of 耿直
(Tw) to set the scene / to lay the groundwork / to pique the interest of one's audience
bull terrier
(neologism c. 2018) to incorporate ideas or material from sb else's creative work in one's own work
Airedale terrier
Airedale terrier
umbilical cord
(literary) wailing / choking with sobs
variant of 哽咽

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