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frame / framework / fig. pattern / outline / organizing plan
dialog box (computing)
frame / rim
  *框* | 框* | *框
frame (e.g. door frame) / casing / fig. framework / template / to circle (i.e. draw a circle around sth) / to frame / to restrict / Taiwan pr. [kuang1]
text box (computing)
check box
flowchart / block diagram
door frame
picture frame
to frame / to circle / pattern / convention / restriction
picture frame / spectacle frame
black frame (around a funerary portrait or obituary)
window frame
fixed framework (idiom); restriction of social conventions and taboos (usually derogatory) / regulations and restrictions
flowchart / block diagram
frame (of spectacles, small ornament etc)
rectangular frame used to view a scene (made out of cardboard etc, or formed by the thumbs and forefingers) / viewfinder / viewing frame
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
name of the radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 13)
photo frame
radical (Kangxi radical 22)
wooden frame
frame (computing)
door frame / door pillars
theatrical set
rigid conventions / reactionary framework
connection frame / linked frame
frame relay (telecommunications)
radical (Kangxi radical 22)

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