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school / CL:
  *校* | 校* | *校
to proofread / to check / to compare
  *校* | 校* | *校
school / military officer / CL:
universities and colleges / abbr. for 高等學校|高等学校
college / academy / educational institution
famous school
colleges and universities
(political) party school
specialized school / college for professional training / polytechnic
driving school / abbr. for 駕駛學校|驾驶学校
military school / military academy
to return to school
branch of a school
vocational high school / abbr. for 技工學校|技工学校 / abbr. for 技術學校|技术学校
vocational high school / abbr. to 技校
professional school / higher vocational school
Central Party School, China's highest institution specifically for training Party cadres, founded in 1933
high ranking officer in Chinese army / colonel
specialized middle school
to join the faculty of one's alma mater upon graduation / to remain at school during vacation
medical school / nursing school
alma mater
senior ranking officer in Chinese army / senior colonel
junior ranking officer in Chinese army / major / lieutenant commander
to proof-read / to review (a text)
middle ranking officer in Chinese army / lieutenant colonel / commander
your school (honorific)
technical or industrial school / CL: 個|个,
vocational high school / abbr. to 技校
Whampoa Military Academy
abbr. for 藝術學校|艺术学校 / art school
summer school
evening school / night school
sports college / school of physical training
public school
reformatory / reform school
to check / to verify / to proof-read
boarding school
private school
to proofread meticulously (abbr. for 精確校對|精确校对)
secondary normal school (secondary school that trains kindergarten and elementary school teachers)
technical school / abbr. for 工業學校|工业学校
technical middle school / polytechnic
to board at school
captain (= UK and US Navy equivalent)
school for cadres / May 7 cadre school 五七幹校 五七干校
commander (= UK and US Navy equivalent)
May 7 cadre school (farm where urban cadres had to undertake manual labor and study ideology during the Cultural Revolution) (abbr. for 五七幹部學校|五七干部学校)
lieutenant commander
Business school
Charterhouse public school (UK)
to proofread / to revise one or more editions of a text using an authoritative edition as a source book / to editorially revise a text
Chungnam National University, Daejeon, South Korea
commodore (= US Navy equivalent)
Manchurian officer
to transfer (school)
half-day (or double-shift) school
Ivy League
May 7 Cadre School (farm where urban cadres had to undertake manual labor and study ideology during the Cultural Revolution) (abbr. to 五七幹校 五七干校)
International School of the Penninsula
personal name of fifteenth Ming emperor Tianqi 明天啟|明天启 (1605-1627), reigned 1620-1627
medical school

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