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school / CL:
(college, university) president / headmaster / CL: 個|个, ,
  *校* | 校* | *校
to proofread / to check / to compare
  *校* | 校* | *校
school / military officer / CL:
to check / to examine
schoolmate / alumnus / alumna
universities and colleges / abbr. for 高等學校|高等学校
college / academy / educational institution
Xiaonei (Chinese social network website)
on-campus / intramural
colleges and universities
school badge / college insignia / university crest
famous school
(political) party school
off campus
school uniform
vocational high school / abbr. for 技工學校|技工学校 / abbr. for 技術學校|技术学校
anniversary of the founding of a school
driving school / abbr. for 駕駛學校|驾驶学校
school motto
specialized school / college for professional training / polytechnic
school calendar
vocational high school / abbr. to 技校
school bus
proofreader / to proofread / to calibrate
branch of a school
the prettiest girl in the school (see also 校草) / school beauty queen / campus belle / prom queen
to return to school
your school (honorific)
junior ranking officer in Chinese army / major / lieutenant commander
to calibrate
military school / military academy
professional school / higher vocational school
school song
alma mater
Central Party School, China's highest institution specifically for training Party cadres, founded in 1933
vocational high school / abbr. to 技校
to join the faculty of one's alma mater upon graduation / to remain at school during vacation
high ranking officer in Chinese army / colonel
interschool / intercollegiate
to proofread and correct / to edit and rectify / to correct / to calibrate
the school (as a party in a contract, dispute etc) / the school authorities
the tone of a school / campus atmosphere
specialized middle school
to proofread meticulously (abbr. for 精確校對|精确校对)
check digit
middle ranking officer in Chinese army / lieutenant colonel / commander
school rules and regulations
summer school
school magazine
private school
school building
medical school / nursing school
senior ranking officer in Chinese army / senior colonel
technical or industrial school / CL: 個|个,
to proof-read / to review (a text)
NCEE, National College Entrance Examination (college entrance exam in PRC) / usually abbr. to 高考
military officer
school bully
Whampoa Military Academy
military drill ground
abbr. for 藝術學校|艺术学校 / art school
(school) field day / sports day
sports college / school of physical training
to transfer (school)
public school
boarding school
evening school / night school
school for cadres / May 7 Cadre School 五七幹校|五七干校
Business school
to collate and annotate / (on book titles) collated and annotated
supervisor (of school) / principal
the most handsome boy in the school (see also 校花)
proofs (printing)
to collate
May 7 Cadre School (forcing educated people into re-education and peasant labor during Cultural Revolution) / abbr. for 五七幹部學校|五七干部学校
to check / to verify / to proof-read
military officer / ranked officer in Chinese army, divided into 大校, 上校, 中校, 少校
secondary normal school (secondary school that trains kindergarten and elementary school teachers)
technical middle school / polytechnic
C9 League, alliance of nine prestigious Chinese universities, established in 1998
to proofread / to revise one or more editions of a text using an authoritative edition as a source book / to editorially revise a text
disruptive activities targeted at a school by an aggrieved party (neologism formed by analogy with 醫鬧|医闹)
reformatory / reform school
to check through (a document) / to proofread / to review (troops)
captain (= UK and US Navy equivalent)
proofreader and corrector
Charterhouse public school (UK)
technical school / abbr. for 工業學校|工业学校
commander (= UK and US Navy equivalent)
personal name of fifteenth Ming emperor Tianqi 明天啟|明天启 (1605-1627), reigned 1620-1627
commodore (= US Navy equivalent)

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