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to check / to inquire / to consult (a document etc) / inquiry / query
to look over / to examine / to check up / to ferret out
  *查* | 查* | *查
surname Zha
  *查* | 查* | *查
to research / to check / to investigate / to examine / to refer to / to look up (e.g. a word in a dictionary)
  *查* | 查* | *查
see 山查
inspection / to examine / to inspect / CL:
investigation / inquiry / to investigate / to survey / survey / (opinion) poll / CL: 項|项, 個|个
to search for / to look up
to examine / to investigate / to censor out / censorship
to investigate / to study
to consult / to refer to / to look sth up in a reference source
to inspect / to run through a checklist / to take stock / to audit
to examine / to inspect
investigate / check out (a story)
to investigate and handle (a criminal case)
random inspection / to do a spot check
census / general survey / general investigation / reconnaissance survey
rechecking / re-inspection / reexamination
screening (medicine)
inspection / to examine
to detect / to investigate
market research
Richard (name)
questionnaire / inventory list / CL: 張|张,
to patrol
to find out / to discover
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CCP
for future reference
quality inspection
variant of 勘察
to investigate and find out / to ascertain
to sequester / to seize (assets) / to seal up / to close down
results (of an investigation, poll)
to search
Richard (name)
to inspect a room / to do the rounds (medical)
to investigate / investigation / fact-checking
to investigate thoroughly / to carefully inspect / to verify / to ferret out (undesirable elements)
to investigate strictly
to try to find out / to trace / to track down
to find out / to ascertain / to get to the bottom of / to clarify
opinion poll
upon investigation
due diligence (law)
physical examination / clinical examination / health checkup
to file for investigation / to prosecute (a case)
to track down and seize (a criminal suspect, contraband etc)
to investigate and handle (a criminal case)
Disciplinary Committee of Chinese Communist Party
to examine / to probe / to scout out / to nose around
to investigate thoroughly
to scrutinize / to examine / to check
Chad (Tw)
to seize / to confiscate
to investigate
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
to check the guard posts / (coll.) to check up on sb (spouse, employee etc)
to check
sudden unannounced investigation / on-the-spot inspection / to search without notification
prenatal examination / antenatal examination
Qapqal Xibe autonomous county in Ili Kazakh autonomous prefecture 伊犁哈薩克自治州|伊犁哈萨克自治州, Xinjiang
to examine / to investigate / to try to determine
to supervise / to auditor / to monitor
to interrogate / to question (at a roadblock)
China Geological Survey (CGS)
Gyaca county, Tibetan: Rgya tsha rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet
look-up method for Chinese characters
to check / to investigate / to probe (into)
to make inquiries
Qapqal Xibe autonomous county in Ili Kazakh autonomous prefecture 伊犁哈薩克自治州|伊犁哈萨克自治州, Xinjiang
to inquire about
follow-up study / investigative follow-up
Cha Quan - "Cha Fist" - Martial Art
to investigate on the spot
(Internet slang) (of the police) to ask to be let in on the pretext of checking the water meter / to barge into people's home on false pretences
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
echography / ultrasound scan
Chapman (name)
Chavez, Spanish name
open enquiries and secret search (idiom); to investigate openly and in secret / taking information from all sides
to audit accounts / to inspect accounting books
Podgorica, capital of Montenegro (Tw)
Richardson (name)
to take inventory of and confiscate a criminal's possessions / to search and confiscate (forbidden items) / to raid
inspection team

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