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bookshelf / CL: 個|个
(construction) frame / (fig.) framework
to kidnap / to abduct / to hijack / a kidnapping / abduction / staking
  *架* | 架* | *架
to support / frame / rack / framework / classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios etc
to quarrel / to have a row / quarrel / CL: 頓|顿
to construct / to erect
to resist; to ward off; to hold one's own
(coll.) unable to withstand / cannot bear / can't stand it / no match for
attitude / position (on an issue etc)
to construct; to build / structure; framework; architecture
overhead / elevated (walkway, highway etc) / elevated road
high trestle bridge / viaduct / flyover
shelf / frame / stand / framework / airs / arrogance
sortie / flight
to bridge / to put up a bridge
cart / barrow / frame / chassis
to hustle sb away
truss (weight-bearing construction of cross-beams)
to fall apart / exhaustion
attractive appearance, but without substance
cross / crucifix / yoke one has to endure
clothes hanger / clothes rack
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei
pen rack / pen-holder
to build (a hut etc) on stilts / to install (power lines etc) overhead / (fig.) unfounded; impractical / (fig.) to make sb a mere figurehead
to fight / to scuffle / to come to blows / CL: 場|场
open shelves (in self-service store or user access library)
putting on official airs
easel painting
to throw one's weight around / to put on airs
trestle / support / frame / to prop sth up
tripod / derrick crane
gallows / gibbet
to put on airs / to assume great airs
skeleton / skinny person / a mere skeleton
framework / skeleton
luggage rack
(dialect) to come to blows / to have a row
stretcher / litter / bier
(computing) architect
continental shelf
variant of 架勢|架势
eyeglasses frame / CL: / mirror support
stove stand; grate (supporting a pot over the stove) / grate (in a fireplace) / oven rack
elevated road
continental shelf
to try to stop a fight / to intervene in a fight
lit. to drive a duck onto a perch (idiom) / fig. to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability
to mediate in a quarrel / to intervene in a dispute and try to calm things down
to put on airs
two-wheeled handcart
a sawhorse
to put up scaffolding / to build a framework / to launch an enterprise
to collapse / to come to grief
clothes drying rack
(dialect) height of a house
a building / the frame of a building / roof beam / truss
music stand
trellis / scaffolding
grill (of a cooker etc)
to put goods on shelves / (of a product) to be available for sale
stinking pretension / to give oneself airs and offend others / hateful arrogance
aerial ropeway / cable car
Pictor (constellation)
group scuffle / gang fight
bipod (supporting a machine gun etc)
to take down from the shelves (e.g. a contaminated product)
bipod (supporting a machine gun etc)
to scuffle / to come to blows
rigid frame
trestle / X-shaped frame
Snickers (candy bar)
luggage carrier (bicycle)
to assume a fighting stance / (fig.) to take the offensive
to put up scaffolding
stretcher bearer (military)
stretcher (for the injured)
lit. to arrange a shelf of flowers / superficial display (idiom)
to stick one leg over the other (when sitting)
feeder pig
drum kit
to use a crutch
alternate history; counterfactual history (genre of fiction)
roof beam / rafters
trellis latticework
a coordinate frame

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