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  *枪* | 枪* | *枪
gun / firearm / rifle / spear / thing with shape or function similar to a gun / CL: , , 桿|杆, 條|条, / to substitute for another person in a test / to knock / classifier for rifle shots
  *枪* | 枪* | *枪
variant of 槍|枪 / rifle / spear
  *枪* | 枪* | *枪
surname Qiang
gun battle / firefight
gunman / sharpshooter / sb who takes an exam for sb else / sb who produces a piece of work for sb else to pass off as their own
rifle / CL: ,
pistol / CL:
to shoot with a gun / shooting incident
a gun / guns in general
pike / CL:
crack / shooting sound / gunshot
muzzle of a gun
machine gun
to shoot dead
fuel nozzle
assault rifle
water pistol (toy) / water gun / sprinkler / water cannon
firearms (in historical context) / flintlock (old powder and shot firearm)
sword and spear / weapons
gun barrel
to execute by firing squad / to shoot dead / fig. to discard / to get rid of
lit. single spear and horse (idiom); fig. single-handed / unaccompanied
butt of a gun / stock
gun barrel
to use (sb) as a tool
nail gun / stud gun
real swords, real spears (idiom) / real weapons / very much for real / every bit real / the genuine article
sudden thrust (that catches the opponent off guard)
machine gun / also written 機槍|机枪
to execute by firing squad / same as 槍斃|枪毙
hunting gun / shotgun
welding torch
an air gun
fight a battle of words / cross verbal swords
opium pipe
gunshot wound
gun barrel
war of words
Mauser pistol
sniper's shot
(idiom) armed / carrying a loaded firearm
to fire warning shots
bolt of gun
flintlock musket / fowling piece (shotgun) / air gun
to fire a gun / to substitute for sb in sitting an examination
carbine / lance
qiang (spear)
loophole (for firing) / embrasure
bird shotgun replaced by cannon (idiom); equipment improved enormously
short spear (arch.) / fig. trickery
western style guns (in former times)
gun bolt
Uzi (submachine gun)
to shoot
gun cover
carbine rifle (loanword)
to lay down one's arms / to surrender / to disarm
volley / salvo
also written 輕機槍|轻机枪 / light machine gun
rifle (loanword) / also written 來福槍|来福枪
bore of a gun
to be hit by a gun / shot
rifle (loanword) / also written 來復槍|来复枪
(neologism c. 2014) (coll.) to be unfairly targeted (abbr. for 躺著也中槍|躺着也中枪)
amateur pirated DVD, made e.g. by shooting a running movie
carbine / lance
a gun / guns in general / same as 槍支|枪支
breech bolt (e.g. of rifle)
to substitute for sb in sitting an examination
stun gun / Taser
bandits with guns / an armed criminal / a gunman
barrel of a gun
to open fire / to shoot a gun
forest of spear, rain of arrows
gunman / musketeer
to play tricks / to dupe
to hit with the first shot (idiom)
lit. impervious to sword or spear (idiom) / fig. invulnerable / untouchable / thick-skinned / impervious to criticism
Gatling gun
Mauser pistol (C96 type)
(lit.) to have swallowed gunpowder / (fig.) to be ablaze with anger / ornery / snappy
at gunpoint
Bren gun, British light machine gun first produced in 1937
to masturbate
sealant gun / glue gun
armed robbery
to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun / (fig.) a minor incident that sparks a war
to open fire / to shoot a gun

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