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  *枚* | 枚* | *枚
surname Mei
  *枚* | 枚* | *枚
classifier for coins, rings, badges, pearls, sporting medals, rockets, satellites etc / tree trunk / whip / wooden peg, used as a gag for marching soldiers (old)
to enumerate
Yuan Mei (1716-1798), famous Qing poet and critic, one of Three great poets of the Qianlong era 乾嘉三大家
too numerous to mention individually or one by one
Mei Cheng (-c. 140 BC), Han dynasty poet
drinking game where one has to guess the number of small objects in the other player's closed hand
innumerable (idiom)
Sima Xiangru is meticulous and Mei Gao is fast (idiom) / to each his good points
with horses and soldiers gagged (idiom) / (of a marching army) in utter silence
to choose officials by divination (archaic) / to practice divination without a definite question

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