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to analyze / analysis / CL: 個|个
to analyze / to resolve / (math.) analysis / analytic
analyst / commentator
  *析* | 析* | *析
to separate / to divide / to analyze
primary, elementary or coarse analysis
to analyze / to dissect
understanding and enjoying (a work of art)
to differentiate and analyze / to discriminate
(political) analyst
to parse / analysis processing / to analyze and treat
analyst (e.g. of news)
analysis / research
comparative analysis
analytic geometry / coordinate geometry
numerical analysis (math.)
spectral analysis
spectral analysis (physics)
quantitative analysis
analytical chemistry
sentiment analysis
mathematical analysis / calculus
to separate out
to collapse and fall apart (idiom); to break up / falling to pieces
chemical analysis
semantic analysis
syntactic analysis
colorimetric analysis
analyst / expert
qualitative inorganic analysis
(math.) an analytic function (of a complex variable)
to analyze / research
analytic language
(math.) functional analysis
segregation (metallurgy)
mathematical analysis / calculus
to analyze thoroughly, point by point (idiom)
analytical psychology / Jungian psychology
real analysis / calculus of real variables
analytic geometry / coordinate geometry
time interval analysis
mathematical analysis / calculus
quantitative analysis
Deng Xi (545-501 BC), Chinese philosopher and rhetorician, the first lawyer of ancient China
address resolution protocol / ARP
online analysis processing OLAP
harmonic analysis (math.)
activation analysis
hemodialysis machine
to resolve a doubt
dialysis (separation of crystalloids by osmosis)
dialysis machine
quantitative analysis / volumetric analysis
(math.) complex analytic function theory
to strain / to wash and filter
to analyze in detail
to analyze in the finest detail
Roving Analysis Port / RAP
positron emission tomography (PET)
multilevel analysis model
the analytic method / analytic reasoning
bioanalytical method
(Tw) resolution (of an image, monitor etc)

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