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outstanding / distinguished / remarkable / prominent / illustrious
  *杰* | 杰* | *杰
(bound form) hero / heroic / outstanding person / prominent / distinguished
  *杰* | 杰* | *杰
variant of 傑|杰
Jessica Alba, American actress
Jack London (1876-1916), American writer
elite / outstanding talent / genius
Gerrard (name)
Michael Jackson (1958-2009), American musician and entertainer
Jack (name)
Jessica (name)
Jackson (name) / Jackson city, capital of Mississippi
hero / towering figure
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), American writer, scientist, inventor, politician and diplomat
monstre sacré (i.e. artist famous for being deliberately preposterous)
Benjamin (person name)
Jeff or Geoff (name)
Fitzgerald (name)
(name) Jamie; Jim
Medvedyev (name) / Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev (1965-), Russian lawyer and politician, president of Russian Federation from 2008
illustrious hero, spirit of the place (idiom); a place derives reflected glory from an illustrious son
Jacqueline (name)
Jackson (name)
woman of distinction / a woman to be admired or respected
Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy (1929-1994)
Jefferson / capital of Missouri
Najaf (city in Iraq, a Shia holy city)
Jesse Owens (1913-1980), American athlete
outstanding talent / wise and able person / illustrious individual
Jeff Kinney
Sojourner (Martian land rover)
Jack the Ripper
Jesse (name)
Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400), English poet, author of The Canterbury Tales 坎特伯雷故事集
Heath Ledger, Australian actor (1979-2008)
(name) Berger / Samuel Berger, former US National Security Advisor under President Carter
Li Lianjie or Jet Li (1963-), martial arts sportsman, subsequently film star and director
Ceyhan (Turkish Mediterranean port)
James Jeffords (1934-2014), former US Senator from Vermont
gerrymander (loanword)
Gatsby, Japanese cosmetics brand
Gela (city in Sicily)
Jefferson City, capital of Missouri
Jerry or Gerry (name)
Jerry Seinfeld
Jericho (town in West Bank)
Jeremy (name)
Lebedev or Lebedyev (Russian name)
the Four Great Poets of the Early Tang, namely Wang Bo 王勃, Yang Jiong 楊炯|杨炯, Lu Zhaolin 盧照鄰|卢照邻, and Luo Binwang 駱賓王|骆宾王
Gujral (name) / Inder Kumar Gujral (1919-2012), Indian Janata politician, prime minister 1997-1998
Gujarat, Indian state
Jay Chou (1979-), Taiwanese pop star
Garab Dorje Rinpoche, succession of Buthanese religious leaders
James Sasser (1936-), US Ambassador to China 1995-1999
Di Renjie (607-700), Tang dynasty politician, prime minister under Wu Zetian, subsequently hero of legends / master sleuth Judge Dee, aka Chinese Sherlock Holmes, in novel Three murder cases solved by Judge Dee 狄公案 translated by Dutch sinologist R.H. van Gulik 高羅珮|高罗佩
Modest (name) / Modeste (name)
Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends (idiom). A wise man submits to circumstances.
Fallujah, Iraqi city on Euphrates

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