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lever / pry bar / crowbar / financial leverage
  *杆* | 杆* | *杆
pole / CL: 條|条,
  *杆* | 杆* | *杆
stick / pole / lever / classifier for long objects such as guns
tension bar
surveyor's pole / post (used for a landmark) / CL: / (fig.) goal / model / benchmark
railing / banister
bacillus (any rod-shaped bacteria)
Escherichia coli (E. coli)
worm (mechanical engineering)
iron (golf club)
iron rod / zealous / die-hard
pole / stick / club / gang of bandits
electric pole / telephone pole / lamppost / CL:
electric pole / telephone pole / lamppost / CL:
wooden pole / wood (golf club)
push rod or tappet (mechanics) / putter (golf) / to putt (golf)
bacillus subtilis
die-hard fan
lasso on long wooden pole
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
a steelyard (a type of balance)
electric pole / telephone pole
electric pole / telegraph pole
the shaft of a pen or writing brush / pen-holder / pen
par (golf)
gun barrel
a boom (i.e. transverse beam for hanging objects)
gear lever / stick shift
joystick / control lever
tubercle bacillus
arrow shaft
to tee off (golf) / to break (snooker)
top bar / crown bar
financial leverage / leveraging (i.e. buying shares on borrowed funds)
gun barrel
a pole / a prop
club (golf) / cue (billiards) / also written 球桿|球杆
swing (golf)
control lever / joystick
anthrax bacterium / Bacillus anthracis
Klebs-Loeddler bacillus (the diphtheria bacterium)
hot-tempered / rash / hot-tempered person
(finance) leverage / gearing
botulinum toxin
(golf) hole in one
hemophile bacteria / hemophilus
gear lever
pen / an effective writer
spoon (golf)
fishing rod / CL:
stroke play (golf)
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
leveraged buyout (LBO)
tappet (machine part)
Yersinia pestis / the bubonic plage bacillus
telephone pole / utility pole
chip (golf shot)
Clostridium botulinum
backswing (golf)
fishing rod
driver (golf)
lit. put up a pole and see the shadow (idiom); to expect instant results
(dialect) leg
waist / small of the back / (fig.) backing
brucellosis (undulant fever or Mediterranean fever)
(microbiology) Bacillus cereus
worm-gear pair / worm drive / worm and worm gear
deleveraging (i.e. paying off part of a leverage loan)
Clostridium difficile (bacterium causing gut infection)
legionella bacteria
the beam of a steelyard / a balance arm
listeria bacillus
selfie stick / also written 自拍杆
caddie (golf)
sand wedge (golf)
chipper (golf)
Vibrio cholerae / the cholera bacterium
short-stalked variety / short straw variety
(microbiology) Bacillus cereus
gun barrel
electric trolley pole
stroke play (golf)

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