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regime / political power
divine right (of kings)
to authorize
to infringe the rights of / to violate / infringement
creditor's rights (law)
(finance) option
prerogative / privilege / privileged
to defend (legal) rights
equity shares / stock right
hegemony / supremacy
to wield (political etc) power / be in power
military leadership / military power
imperial power
real power; genuine power
to devolve authority to lower levels
authority / power over others
human rights
(math.) to weight / weighting / weighted (average, index etc)
property right
to waive a right / to abstain (from voting) / (sports) to forfeit (a game); to voluntarily withdraw from a match
property ownership or right / financial power / financial control
Minquan county in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
civil liberties
centralized power (history), e.g. under an Emperor or party
to concentrate power in one's own hands
women's rights
to go beyond one's authority / arrogation
power / authority
to seize power
authority over the household
monarchical power
separation of powers
royalty / royal power
to hold power
equal rights
clan authority / clan power
power / might
authority / power / authoritarianism / authoritarian
autocracy / dictatorship
religious rule
to usurp power
authorized / entrusted (with authority)
position / authority / responsibility
economic rights (e.g. of a state monopoly)
Sun Quan (reigned 222-252), southern warlord and king of state of Wu 吳|吴 in the Three Kingdoms period
full powers / total authority / plenipotentiary powers
to hold power; to be in control
abuse of authority
ability to have one's say and be listened to; influence; clout
Liu Gongquan (778-865), Tang calligrapher
  *权* | 权* | *权
surname Quan
  *权* | 权* | *权
authority / power / right / (literary) to weigh / expedient / temporary
privacy right
control (as in "to win control")
civil rights / citizenship rights
one's personal rights
usage rights
air supremacy; air superiority
(computing) to escalate privileges
right of way
not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
the right of immunity from arrest afforded by the Taiwan ROC Constitution, for the duration of meetings, unless caught actually committing a crime, to members of the National Assembly, the Legislative Yuan, or a supervisory committee
centralized autocratic rule
centralized state power
initiative (as in "seize the initiative") / advantageous position that allows one to call the shots
leadership (role)
the right to host (an international meeting)
puppet state / puppet regime
prior purchase right / right of first refusal (ROFR) / preemptive right to purchase
preemptive right (in share issue)
the right to a fair trial
suffrage / voting rights
right to protection by law (law)
copyright / rights to a trademark
veto power
diplomatic immunity
diplomatic immunity
delta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper
women's suffrage
jurisdiction / judicial authority
patent right
(law) absolute rights / erga omnes rights
right of abode (law)
Zuoquan county in Jinzhong 晉中|晋中, Shanxi
ownership / possession / property rights / title (to property)
suffrage / right to vote
index options
visitation rights (law)
custody (of a child etc)
right of ownership
to arrogate power

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