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regime / political power
divine right (of kings)
to authorize
to infringe the rights of / to violate / infringement
equity shares / stock right
prerogative / privilege / privileged
to defend (legal) rights
creditor's rights (law)
human rights
ability to have one's say and be listened to; influence; clout
authority / power over others
hegemony / supremacy
power / authority
patent right
(math.) to weight / weighting / weighted (average, index etc)
full powers / total authority / plenipotentiary powers
permanent residency
the right of speech
to wield (political etc) power / be in power
royalty / royal power
Minquan county in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
civil liberties
to abstain from voting / to forfeit / to waive one's right to vote / to abdicate
imperial power
custody (of a child)
centralized state power
to delegate power / to decentralize
military leadership / military power
suffrage / right to vote
patent / franchise / concession
centralized power (history), e.g. under an Emperor or party
leadership authority
power / might
to seize power
to hold power
women's rights
copyright / rights to a trademark
index options
monarchical power
autocracy / dictatorship
separation of powers
position / authority / responsibility
property ownership or right / financial power / financial control
clan authority / clan power
authority / power / authoritarianism / authoritarian
equal rights
suffrage / voting rights
authority over the household
to usurp power
universal suffrage
economic rights (e.g. of a state monopoly)
authorized / entrusted (with authority)
religious rule
Sun Quan (reigned 222-252), southern warlord and king of state of Wu 吳|吴 in the Three Kingdoms period
to hold power / in the driving seat
abuse of authority
  *权* | 权* | *权
surname Quan
  *权* | 权* | *权
authority / power / right / (literary) to weigh / expedient / temporary
property right
to go beyond one's authority / arrogation
control (as in "to win control")
to have the right to / to be entitled to / to have authority / powerful
one's personal rights
Liu Gongquan (778-865), Tang calligrapher
ability to make one's own decisions
right to vote / vote
not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
the right of immunity from arrest afforded by the Taiwan ROC Constitution, for the duration of meetings, unless caught actually committing a crime, to members of the National Assembly, the Legislative Yuan, or a supervisory committee
centralized autocratic rule
initiative (as in "seize the initiative") / advantageous position that allows one to call the shots
leadership (role)
the right to host (an international meeting)
usage rights
puppet state / puppet regime
prior purchase right / right of first refusal (ROFR) / preemptive right to purchase
preemptive right (in share issue)
the right to a fair trial
civil rights / citizenship rights
right to protection by law (law)
veto power
diplomatic immunity
diplomatic immunity
delta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper
women's suffrage
jurisdiction / judicial authority
(law) absolute rights / erga omnes rights
right of abode (law)
Zuoquan county in Jinzhong 晉中|晋中, Shanxi
ownership / possession / property rights / title (to property)

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