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complicated / complex
magazine / CL: , ,
to hybridize / to crossbreed / promiscuity
to mix together (disparate substances) / to mingle / a mix / to be tangled up with
acrobatics / CL: 場|场
noisy / clamorous
  *杂* | 杂* | *杂
variant of 雜|杂
  *杂* | 杂* | *杂
mixed / miscellaneous / various / to mix
magazine publisher
discussion of various topics
groceries / miscellaneous goods
junk / items of no value / various bits and bobs
many / diverse
grain crops other than rice and wheat
an assortment / a bit of everything / lots of different (skills)
dubious or hard-to-treat cases (medicine) / hard cases
in a mess / in a jumble / chaotic
grocery store / emporium
to mix / to mingle
tangled and complicated (idiom)
convenience store / variety store
various notes or records / a miscellany / scattered jottings
a stew / fig. a disparate collection
incidental costs / sundries / extras
lit. fish and dragons mixed in together (idiom); fig. crooks mixed in with the honest folk
heterocyclic (chemistry)
inferior brand / not the genuine article
disordered and in a mess (idiom); all mixed up and chaotic
to do odd jobs / to do unskilled work
distracting thoughts
offal / cooked minced offal / chop suey (American Chinese dish) / incoherent (information) / (derog.) asshat / jerk
to complicate / to become complicated
miscellaneous tasks / various chores
odd jobs / part-time worker
hybrid / mixed breed / bastard / son of a bitch
varicolored / motley
enormously complex / a vast jumble
unskilled worker
miscellaneous goods
(employee) having no fixed duties
noise / din
a sideshow / vaudeville / juggling
many and varied / confused
odd jobs / servant or army orderly doing odd jobs
odd jobs
literary miscellany / varia
various jobs / low-grade work
mixed / jumbled
Zadoi County (Tibetan: rdza stod rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 玉樹藏族自治州|玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai
omnivorous (zoology) / snacks / a varied diet
lit. dragons and snakes mingle (idiom) / fig. a mix of good people and scumbags
heart murmur
miscellaneous / mixed and disorderly (of writing) / disordered and confusing / mixed-up and illogical
Miscellaneous School of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) whose leading advocate was Lü Buwei 呂不韋|吕不韦
son of a bitch / damn bastard
exorbitant taxation (idiom)
scattered essays / various opinions / different manners of speaking
numerous and confused / in a mess
a blend / a mix
a Yuan dynasty form of musical comedy
compound with many families living together
piece of shit / scumbag
random thoughts (a literary genre)
small craftsman (contemptuous) / clatter (e.g. of footsteps) / jumbled mass / press of bodies / tumult
to mix
to mix / to blend / to dilute
bit and pieces / small odds and ends
many and disorderly / muddled
mixed marriage
cohabitation (of different populations or races) / to coexist
adulteration / impurities
miscellaneous duties / various taxes
Zagunao town in Li county 理縣|理县, Sichuan
a clamor / a din
erhua variant of 雜牌|杂牌
stall selling various goods
disorganized / rambling / incoherent
assortment of preserved fruits / (fig.) hodgepodge
area of mixed habitation
to put together various bits / to knock sth together / hash (computing) / see also 散列
small craftsman (contemptuous)
erhua variant of 雜拌|杂拌
Four Great Yuan Dramatists, namely: Guan Hanqing 關漢卿|关汉卿, Zheng Guangzu 鄭光祖|郑光祖, Ma Zhiyuan 馬致遠|马致远 and Bai Pu 白樸|白朴
(bird species of China) varied tit (Sittiparus varius)
to mix up / to muddle
chop suey (American Chinese dish)
in disorder
to mix / to blend / to dilute / to adulterate / mingled / mongrel
miscellaneous goods
corn flour mixed with a little soybean flour

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