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  *未* | 未* | *未
not yet / did not / have not / not / 8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th July-6th August), year of the Sheep / ancient Chinese compass point: 210°
not having undergone / without (having gone though a certain process)
future / tomorrow / CL: 個|个 / approaching / coming / pending
not yet / still not
minor (i.e. person under 18)
cannot / to fail to / unable to
unsolved / as yet unsettled
unfinished / incomplete
not necessarily / maybe not
Weiyang District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi
(literary) not ended / not yet over / close to the end
unfinished / outstanding (business) / unfulfilled
as yet undecided / unsolved / still outstanding
hasn't (or haven't) / hasn't ever
is not / has never been / never occurring / unprecedented
imperfect / incomplete
unsolved mystery
Weiyang District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi
unavoidably / can't help / really / rather
lit. before it rains, bind around with silk (idiom, from Book of Songs 詩經|诗经); fig. to plan ahead / to prepare for a rainy day
undecided / indeterminate / still in doubt
unknown quantity
not ever / not necessarily
as yet unprocessed
unsolved (problem)
to wish to continue sth / to have not fully expressed oneself
unsuccessful (attempt) / attempted (murder, suicide)
thirty-second year B8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1955 or 2015
to not have had time / to have not yet / not to touch upon
to fail to eventuate / (verb suffix) to be unsuccessful in ...ing
untitled / unnamed / no name / nameless / unknown name
unnamed / unidentified
not mentioned
unfinished / unresolved
not foreseen / unpredictable / not on the cards
in advance / before it happens (cf preventative measures) / forestalling
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding / still growing strong / on the up
Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)
fifty-sixth year F8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1979 or 2039
future yield (of investment)
Reykjavik, capital of Iceland
forty-fourth year D8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1967 or 2027
Ai Weiwei (1957-), Chinese artist active in architecture, photography, film, as well as cultural criticism and political activism
eight year H8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1991 or 2051
unsolved / as yet unsettled
unavenged / still demanding retribution
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)
minor (i.e. person under 18) / incomplete / unachieved / failed / abortive
1-3 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
twentieth year J8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2003 or 2063
Book of Leviticus / Third Book of Moses
unheard of / an extremely rare and unprecedented event
predictable / sth one can predict without being a clairvoyant
unprecedented / never seen before
pending a decision / hanging in the balance
before the first wave subsides, a new wave rises (idiom); a new problem arises before the old is solved / many twists and turns to a story / one thing after another
undiscounted / full price
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous
endless happiness (idiom)
Year 8, year of the Ram (e.g. 2003)
minor (old usage, person under 20)
not yet dispatched
hanging in the balance / the future is hard to forecast / ¿Qué serà? / who knows what the future holds?
to prevent troubles before the event (idiom) / to forestall / to nip sth in the bud
(literary) not having come to its term
unpracticed / inexperienced / naive / unsophisticated
the time has not yet come
unknown / unclear
unabridged edition / uncut edition
soon / before long
unaffected / not inconvenienced
a bachelor / an unmarried man
still possessing the innocence of childhood (idiom)
to age prematurely
unheard-of / unprecedented
a widow (a widow's way of referring to herself in former times)
smell of mother's milk not yet dried (idiom); immature and inexperienced / still wet behind the ears
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers / an army marches on its stomach
attempted murder
far from solved
future studies
to be still angry
future tense
not yet married / bachelor
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)
it is not too late (idiom)
to not anticipate / to not expect / unanticipated / unexpected
it is not too late (idiom)
not necessarily / may not turn out to be / maybe not

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