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numb / insensitive / apathetic
  *木* | 木* | *木
surname Mu
  *木* | 木* | *木
tree / wood / coffin / wooden / simple / numb / one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音
building / construction / civil engineering
Suzuki (Japanese surname)
Takagi (Japanese surname)
vegetation / plants
flowers and trees / plants / flora
Nyalam county, Tibetan: Gnya' lam rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
pomelo tree (Citrus maxima or C. grandis) / shaddock / oriental grapefruit
red wood / mahogany / rosewood / padauk
toy building blocks
forest / forest tree
Phoebe zhennan / Machilus nanmu / Chinese cedar / Chinese giant redwood
pine wood / deal / larch
tree, esp. with recognizable trunk (as opposed to 灌木, bush or shrub)
bush / shrub
to cut wood / tree-felling / lumbering
Sasaki (Japanese surname)
elm / elmwood
rotten wood
Golmud or Ge'ermu city (Tibetan: na gor mo grong khyer) in Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州, Qinghai
two-character surname Duanmu
railroad tie / sleeper
the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang
bamboo and wood
Shenmu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
Aoki (Japanese surname)
sappan wood (Caesalpinia sappan), used in Chinese medicine / administrative subdivision of banner (county) in Inner Mongolia (Mongol: arrow)
Dram (Chinese Zhangmu), town at Tibet-Nepal border
Tsaidam or Qaidam basin (Mongolian: salt marsh), depression northeast of the Plateau of Tibet, located between the Qilian Shan and the Kunlun Shan at the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau.
false cypress (genus Chamaecyparis)
bakelite (early plastic) / also written 膠木|胶木
fruit tree
horizontal beam / wooden crossbar / thwart
Nyêmo county, Tibetan: Snye mo rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨, Tibet
lit. to graft flowers onto a tree / to surreptitiously substitute one thing for another (idiom)
yellow rosewood
dead tree
rootstock (stem onto which a branch is grafted)
to carry out large scale construction
to approach one's coffin (idiom); with one foot in the grave
beam (gymnastics) / balance beam
wood turning / woodwork lathe
large-leaved dogwood (Cornus macrophylla)
pit prop
Chinese sumac (Rhus chinensis)
Crimea / the Crimean peninsula
beam / rafter / lintel / person able to bear heavy responsibility / mainstay (of organization) / pillar (of state)
elder or elderberry (genus Sambucus)
maple (timber)
incense wood
amonang tree (Ixonanthes chinensis)
fringe flower (Loropetalum chinense), evergreen shrub
almond (loanword)
to play with stacking blocks
night-blooming jessamine (Cestrum nocturnum)
to be placed in a coffin / to die
almond (loanword)
(TCM) Japanese ardisia (Ardisia japonica)
battering ram
roost / perch
Chinese sweetgum (Liquidambar formosana)
petrified wood (geology)
antiaris, aka upas tree (Antiaris toxicaria)
a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb) / fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity
deciduous tree
sumac (Rhus coriaria), east Mediterranean deciduous shrub with fruit used as spice / also called tanner's sumach or vinegar tree
sappan wood (Caesalpinia sappan), used in Chinese medicine
rice-paper plant (Tetrapanax papyriferus)
to saw timber
ironwood (Mesua ferrea)
wenge or wengue (type of wood)

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