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date / CL: 個|个
  *期* | 期* | *期
a period of time / phase / stage / classifier for issues of a periodical, courses of study / time / term / period / to hope / Taiwan pr. [qi2]
near in time / in the near future / very soon / recent
at set dates / at regular intervals / periodic / limited to a fixed period of time / fixed term
by stages / staggered / step by step / in installments
to expect / to anticipate
term / semester / CL: 個|个
long term / long time / long range (of a forecast)
week / CL: 個|个 / day of the week / Sunday
short term / short-term
summer vacation time
to fall due (loan etc) / to expire (visa etc) / to mature (investment bond etc)
to be overdue / to exceed the time limit / to expire (as in expiration date)
early period / early phase / early stage
period / phase / CL: 個|个
initial stage / beginning period
to be overdue / to fail to meet a deadline / to be behind in doing sth
period / cycle
to delay / to extend / to postpone / to defer
late stage / later period
(to be done) by (a certain date) / lasting (a certain time)
the corresponding time period (in a different year etc) / concurrent / synchronous
non-scheduled / irregularly
middle (of a period of time) / medium-term (plan, forecast etc)
term of office / CL: 屆|届 / tenure (entire period in office)
to set a time limit / time limit / deadline
preceding period / early stage
slot within a schedule / timeslot (for a TV program, a session with a photographer etc) / range of dates in which an event is to be held (film screening, exhibition etc)
date of birth
the current period / this term (usually in finance)
end (of a period) / last part / final phase
the period of Japanese rule
gestation / duration of pregnancy
trial period / probationary period
later period / end stage / terminal
as scheduled / on time / punctual
to extend the period / to reschedule (a debt)
the duration of a conference / the period over which a conference (or expo etc) is held / session / the date of a meeting
last week / previous week
last week
safe period / safe days of a woman's menstrual cycle (low risk of conception)
unlimited (time) duration
guarantee period / warranty period
expected date of childbirth / estimated due date (EDD)
life cycle
menstrual period
peak period / rush hour
the flowering season
in order to / hoping to / attempting to / waiting for
grace period / period of grace
long-term / at a fixed date in the future (e.g. for repayment) / abbr. for 遠期合約|远期合约
menstrual period
(banking) current (account) / checking (account) / demand (deposit etc)
festival season
period of validity / sell-by date
swap (finance)
delivery time (time between ordering goods and receiving the delivery) / date of delivery
date of use (on foodstuffs) / best before date
historical period
time of birth / period of labor / lying-in
the fruiting season
next week
incubation period (of disease)
to reschedule / to rearrange (e.g. a meeting) / to postpone
wedding day / day of tryst
this week
puberty / adolescence
unspecified period / in the indefinite future / no fixed time / indefinite sentence (i.e. life imprisonment)
time allocated for a project / completion date
puberty / period of development
wedding day
development cycle / development period / also written 開發週期|开发周期
age when girls start to develop feelings for the opposite sex / puberty
next week
in advance / beforehand / premature / front-end
to fall due / to come to the end of a term / to expire
prison term
final period / the end (of a term) / the close
to set a date / to set a time frame / within a certain time limit
far in the indefinite future (idiom); so far away it seems forever
flourishing period / golden age
on schedule / on time
cooling-off period (divorces, purchases, surgeries)
it is essential to (complete a project on time, be thorough etc)
ten days
shelf life / freshness date
ice age
flood season
breastfeeding period / lactation period / suckling period
ice age
I'm sure we'll meet again some day. (idiom) / Hope to see you again.
public holiday
presidential term of office / presidency
to meet again at unspecified date / meeting postponed indefinitely

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