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haven't / hasn't / doesn't exist / to not have / to not be
  *有* | 有* | *有
to have; there is / (bound form) having; with; -ful; -ed; -al (as in 有意 intentional)
only have ... / there is only ... / (used in combination with ) it is only if one ... (that one can ...) (Example: 只有通過治療才能痊愈|只有通过治疗才能痊愈 "the only way to cure it is with therapy") / it is only ... (who ...) (Example: 只有男性才有此需要 "only men would have such a requirement") / (used to indicate that one has no alternative) one can only (do a certain thing) (Example: 只有屈服 "the only thing you can do is give in")
famous / well-known
all / to have; to possess; to own
interesting / fascinating / amusing
advantageous; favorable
to have / to possess
intrinsic to sth / inherent / native
regular and thorough (idiom); methodically arranged
limited / finite
to contain / including
to have altogether / in all
furthermore / in addition / still / also
to have; to possess
effective / in effect / valid
lit. there are principles behind making money (idiom); fig. to have a knack for good business / knowing how to accumulate wealth / good at feathering one's own nest
specific (to) / characteristic (of) / distinctive
to be accompanied by
to hold (passport, views etc)
to enjoy (rights, privileges etc)
rich; wealthy; affluent / to be rich in; to be replete with
illustrious / prominent / prestigious / well-known
to have as a feature or characteristic; to have an element of (confidence, sweetness, malevolence etc); to carry (a pathogen, connotation etc)
currently existing / currently available
to have / to incorporate / to feature
all rights reserved (copyright statement)
to have in one's person (feelings, talent etc)
lit. to have a target in mind when shooting one's arrows (idiom) / fig. to have a clear objective
to have / to own / to hold / to occupy / to possess / to account for (a high proportion etc)
(I, they etc) of course have (a plan, a way etc) / one's own (apartment, brand etc)
to deserve (attention, respect etc) / should have (freedoms, rights etc)
wired / cable (television)
with great prospects for the future (idiom); well worth doing
original / former
enough and to spare (idiom)
private / privately-owned
inevitably there will be
powerful / forceful / vigorous
there is a great deal of ... (typically followed by a bisyllabic word, as in 大有希望) / (literary) bumper harvest; abundance
to intend / intentionally / interested in
with keen interest (idiom) / with great pleasure / with gusto / eagerly
flavorsome / (fig.) delightful / full of interest
not essential / dispensable
to contract (an illness) / to be afflicted with / to suffer from
to be expecting / to be with child
to have an abundance
rare / infrequent
to grant whatever is asked for / to accede to every plea
(idiom) to have no basis in fact; to be the product of sb's imagination
to be responsible for
to own exclusively / unique to / specific / there is only
fitted with
publicly owned / communal / held in common
looking pensive / thoughtfully
to speak plainly; to speak one’s mind; to say directly
colored / non-white / non-ferrous (metals)
bringing great benefits (idiom); very useful / of great service / to help greatly / to serve one well
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse
Preparedness averts peril. / to be prepared, just in case (idiom)
to rarely have / rare
one day / sometime in the future
(idiom) to have a well thought out plan in mind
virtue has its rewards (idiom); one good turn deserves another
to have / to have always had
to know what's going on
full of (interest, humor, sentiment etc)
everything clear and orderly (idiom); neat and tidy
to hold in storage / to retain / to harbor (feelings) / to entertain (sentiments) / (of abstract things) to exist / there is
having sound and color (idiom); vivid / dazzling
everything clear and in good order (idiom); neat and tidy
not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking / without two sticks to rub together
every voice gives praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation
to do things right / to use the correct method
(there are) some (who are...) / some (exist)
to combine / to have both
intentionally or otherwise
most likely / mostly (in 8 or 9 cases out of 10) / vast majority
handling a butcher's cleaver with ease (idiom); to do sth skillfully and easily
in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect
talking and laughing / to jest / cheerful and lively
the blessing of three lifetimes (idiom) / (courteous language) it's my good fortune...
(of one's words) to have substance
reasonable / justified / right / (math.) rational
to have lingering fears / trepidation remaining after a trauma (idiom)
to be more scared than hurt (idiom) / to get through a daunting experience without mishap
refined and courteous / urbane
where there's a start, there's a finish (idiom); to finish once one starts sth / to carry things through / I started, so I'll finish.
to have an ulterior motive (idiom)
eyes bright and full of expression
a person with knowledge and experience (idiom)
highly effective / fruitful
supplied with water (of a house)

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