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  *有* | 有* | *有
to have / there is / there are / to exist / to be
limited / finite
all / to have / to possess / to own
haven't / hasn't / doesn't exist / to not have / to not be
to have / to possess
to have sth to do with / to relate to / related to / to concern / concerning
to have / to possess
effective / in effect / valid
furthermore / in addition / still / also
nationalized / public / government owned / state-owned
I've got a solution! / to have a bun in the oven (abbr. for 有了胎)
someone / people / anyone / there is someone there / occupied (as in restroom)
(before a noun) Do (you, they etc) have ...? / Is there a ...? / (before a verb) Did (you, they etc) (verb, infinitive)? / Have (you, they etc) (verb, past participle)?
colored / non-white / non-ferrous (metals)
to have altogether / in all
it is nothing / there's nothing ... about it
a little
currently existing / currently available
(there are) some (who are...) / some (exist)
well-off / wealthy
sometimes / now and then
limited company / corporation
to hold (passport, views etc)
to have / to involve
sometimes / at times
original / former
to need / to require / must have
somewhat / rather / some
to have / to incorporate / to feature
to have / to own / to hold / to occupy / to possess / to account for (a high proportion etc)
once / once upon a time
to have / to possess
non-ferrous metals (all metals excluding iron, chromium, manganese and their alloys)
period of validity / sell-by date
inevitably there will be
to have the right to / to be entitled to / to have authority / powerful
to enjoy (rights, privileges etc)
rich / full of
to possess / to own / to have
wired / cable (television)
possible / probable / possibly / probably / may / might
to contain / including
to have or have not / surplus and shortfall / tangible and intangible / corporeal and incorporeal
to have guts / to have courage / to be brave
can find methods / resourceful / creative
interested / interesting
fitted with
some people
have plenty of / there's no lack of
to have a skill / to be savvy / to know how to do sth
strong / forceful
to make sense / to have meaning / to have significance / meaningful / significant / worthwhile / important / interesting
to contract (an illness) / to be afflicted with / to suffer from
ownership / possession / property rights / title (to property)
regular / orderly / successive / in order
nationalized business / state-owned business
to be accompanied by
private / privately-owned
a little / somewhat
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission SASAC
have never / never before
organic substance / organic matter
there is much / (literary) abundance
helpful / beneficial / to help / conducive to
to contribute to / to promote
publicly owned / communal / held in common
to know what's going on
not to have any meaning / meaningless
to have / to have always had
liable / responsible
paying / paid (not free)
rare / infrequent
promising / to show promise
cable television
related / brought together by fate
to be responsible for
different / distinct / unequal / variable
specific (to) / characteristic (of) / distinctive
interesting / meaningful / enjoyable / fun
to have in one's person (feelings, talent etc)
exclusive / proprietary
proprietor / owner
within the period of validity / before the sell-by date
is not / has never been / never occurring / unprecedented
not a bit / nothing is up / nothing alarming is happening
to have an abundance

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