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  *月* | 月* | *月
moon / month / monthly / CL: 個|个, 輪|轮
this month / the current month
May / fifth month (of the lunar year)
March / third month (of the lunar year)
January / first month (of the lunar year)
years / time
April / fourth month (of the lunar year)
each month
October / tenth month (of the lunar year)
bright moon / refers to 夜明珠, a legendary pearl that can glow in the dark / CL: 輪|轮
September / ninth month (of the lunar year)
the sun and moon / day and month / every day and every month / season / life and livelihood
June / sixth month (of the lunar year)
August / eighth month (of the lunar year)
July / seventh month (of the lunar year)
full moon / whole month / baby's one-month old birthday
to make monthly payments / monthly payment
February / second month (of the lunar year)
monthly / per mensem
next month
on that month
the same month
the moon and the stars
half-moon / fortnight
next month / after this month
to go (up) to the moon
first month (of either lunar or Western calendars)
months and year / time / days of one's life
every month
December / twelfth month (of the lunar year)
November / eleventh month (of the lunar year)
last month
to admire the full moon
romance / beautiful scenery / small or petty (of talk etc)
to fly to the moon
first month of the lunar year
last month
full moon
several months
next month
new moon / crescent
twelfth lunar month
full-term (gestation)
full moon
month-by-month / monthly / on a monthly basis
waning moon
monthly / in a single month
wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject (idiom); effete language without substance / love affair / romance is in the air / dissipated life
Ramadan (Islam)
half-moon / the 7th and 8th and 22nd and 23rd of the lunar month
lit. flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake (idiom) / fig. an unrealistic rosy view / viewing things through rose-tinted spectacles / also written 水月鏡花|水月镜花
year in, year out (idiom) / (over) many years
to reach for the stars (idiom)
full moon / first full moon after birth (i.e. entering the second month)
solar month of 31 days / a lunar month of 30 days
first quarter moon
jade ice jug and autumn moon (idiom, from poem by Song writer Su Dongpo 蘇東坡|苏东坡); fig. spotless white and pure / flawless person
lit. cool breeze and bright moon (idiom) / fig. peaceful and clear night / (allusively) living a solitary and quiet life
the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first (idiom) / to benefit from intimacy with an influential person
to celebrate a child reaching the age of one month
lunar exploration
variant of 披星戴月
Nisan, the first month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar
to stroll beneath the moon
Red Crescent
lit. light breeze and clear moon (idiom) / period of peace and prosperity / noble and benevolent character
long time off / time that will never come
to travel or work through night and day / to toil away for long hours
lit. to scoop the moon out of the water (idiom) / a hopeless endeavor
intercalary month in the lunar calendar / leap month
busy (business) month
year in, year out (idiom)
lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon (idiom, from Analects); fig. to view sb as core figure / to group around a revered leader / to revolve around sb
February of a common year
lit. a meteor catching up with the moon / swift action (idiom)
third quarter or waning moon
lit. to shade in the clouds to offset the moon (idiom); fig. a foil / a contrasting character to a main hero
for years / over the years
ten months or so / about ten months
new moon / first day of the lunar month
eleventh lunar month
alternative term for fourth lunar month
premature (birth, child)
final days of the lunar year
to go for a walk in the moonlight
year in, year out (idiom) / (over) many years
lit. singing of the wind and the moon; fig. vacuous and sentimental (of poetry or art)
full moon / waxing gibbous moon
refers to lovemaking (idiom)
(of women) beginning of menstrual cycle / full-term gestation
month after month, year after year / year in, year out
cow from Wu is terrified by the moon, mistaking it for the sun

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