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  *会* | 会* | *会
can; to have the skill; to know how to / to be likely to; to be sure to / to meet; to get together / meeting; gathering / (suffix) union; group; association / (bound form) a moment (Taiwan pr. [hui3])
opportunity / chance / occasion / CL: 個|个
to misunderstand / to mistake / misunderstanding / CL: 個|个
society / CL: 個|个
party / gathering / to meet / to get together
appointment / engagement / date / CL: , 個|个 / to arrange to meet
to know from experience / to learn through experience / to realize / understanding / experience
banquet / feast / dinner party / CL: , 個|个
an association / a society / CL: 個|个,
to understand / to comprehend / to grasp
provincial capital
exposition / international fair
  *会* | 会* | *会
to balance an account / accounting / accountant
to join a society, association etc
labor union / trade union / CL: 個|个
evening party / CL: 個|个
(posing a question: whether sb, something) can or cannot? / is able to or not
plenary session (at a conference) / CL: 屆|届
to participate in a meeting
standing committee
class meeting (in schools)
summit meeting
annual meeting
China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), abbr. for 中國保險監督管理委員會|中国保险监督管理委员会
city / metropolis
general assembly / general meeting / convention / CL: 個|个, 屆|届
to learn / to master / institute / learned society / (scholarly) association
to gather / assembly / meeting / CL: 個|个,
finance and accounting
Winter Olympics
pageant / distinguished meeting
carnival during the Lantern Festival, with lantern displays and traditional folk performances such as stilt walking and lion dance
opportunity / chance
to understand / to pay attention to / to take notice of
administrative committee / management committee / abbr. for 管理委員會|管理委员会
parent-teacher conference / parents' association
to hold a meeting / to attend a meeting
neighbourhood committee
tea party
to transfer to another club (professional sports)
secret meeting / to meet secretly
parliament / legislative assembly
lovers' rendezvous / tryst
party congress (of the Communist Party of China)
Yuhui district of Bengbu city 蚌埠市, Anhui
to show / to teach
Christian church
to encounter / to rendezvous / to converge / to meet (a payment)
nice to meet you
to make an irrelevant comparison or interpretation (idiom)
Sihui, county-level city in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆, Guangdong
tea party
Mainland Affairs Council (Taiwan), abbr. for 大陸委員會|大陆委员会
drinking party / wine reception
triad, Chinese crime gang / triad society, anti-Manchu secret society in Qing-dynasty China
(often used in the context of diplomacy) to meet with; to pay a visit to; to call on
temple fair
organizing committee
secret society / underworld gang
China Export Commodities Fair also known as the Canton Fair
flower fair or festival
to disperse a meeting / to adjourn / finished
Olympic committee
(United Nations) Security Council
to blend / to integrate / to amalgamate / to fuse
to inform / to tell / to notify / notification
religious procession / exposition
calligraphy society / village school (old) / literary society (old)
World Expo (abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会)
Xinhui county and district of Jiangmen city 江門市|江门市, Guangdong
PEN (association of writers)
peace conference
Tiandihui (Chinese fraternal organization)
to understand tacitly (idiom) / to know intuitively / to understand thoroughly
to add parallels and interpretations (to a story etc) / to develop and embellish / to interpret (often in a strained manner)
close a meeting
regular meeting
(Buddhist) religious assembly
to sense / to grasp intuitively
to attend a meeting (and hear what is discussed)
Patriotic Health Committee (abbr. for 愛國衛生運動委員會|爱国卫生运动委员会)
chamber of commerce
farmer's cooperative / abbr. for 農民協會|农民协会
Parliament (UK) / Congress (US) / Diet (Japan) / Legislative Yuan (Taiwan)
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
to meet together
lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom) / fig. to go alone into enemy lines
Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), semi-official organization established by the ROC government in Taiwan
winter games
dance / ball / party / CL: 場|场
improbable / unlikely / will not (act, happen etc) / not able / not having learned to do sth / (coll.) (Tw) don't mention it / not at all
(idiom) to happen to be in the right place at the right time
to adjourn
International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) / abbr. to 國際田聯|国际田联
late-Qing underground resistance movement against the Qing dynasty
to meet again / until we meet again / goodbye
Oxfam (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief)

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