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calendar / CL: 張|张,
the traditional Chinese calendar / the lunar calendar
calendar / schedule
calendar / diary
Chinese divination almanac
monthly calendar
  *曆* | 曆* | *曆
desk calendar
solar calendar / Western (Gregorian) calendar
lunar calendar
reign name of Ming emperor (1573-1619)
Gregorian calendar / Western calendar
Gregorian calendar / solar calendar
calendar science / calendar system
astronomic calendar
old calendar / the Chinese lunar calendar / same as 農曆|农历
the 5th century Chinese calendar established by Zu Chongzhi 祖沖之|祖冲之
the traditional Chinese lunar calendar
"quarter remainder" calendar, the first calculated Chinese calendar, in use from the Warring States period until the early years of the Han dynasty
lunar New Year
(lit.) past years' almanac / (fig.) ancient history / obsolete practice / old-fashioned principle
wall calendar
lit. almanac from years back (idiom) / obsolete practice / old-fashioned principle
(literary) movements of celestial bodies / destiny / calendar system
calendar year
variant of 黃曆|黄历
old calendar / out-of-date customs
Gregorian calendar / solar calendar
perpetual calendar / ten thousand year calendar / Islamic calendar introduced to Yuan China by Jamal al-Din 紮馬剌丁|扎马剌丁
failed reform of Northern Song government in 1043
school calendar
Gregorian calendar
to look to the past for guidance (idiom)
Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year

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