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warm / nice and warm
  *暖* | 暖* | *暖
old variant of
  *暖* | 暖* | *暖
warm / to warm
  *暖* | 暖* | *暖
variant of
  *暖* | 暖* | *暖
variant of , warm
to stay warm / to protect against the cold
central heating / heater / warm air
lit. daily changes of temperature / fig. well-being / sb's comfort, health, prosperity etc
to warm oneself (by a fire etc)
to supply heating (in a building) / heating
warm breeze
warming / changing to become warmer
radiator (for heating)
a man who is family-oriented, considerate and protective
warm / comfortably warm
to enquire solicitously about sb's well-being (idiom) / to pamper
global warming (PRC usage) / written 全球暖化 in Taiwan
hand warmer
plumber / heating engineer
global warming
pleasantly warm (weather)
warm color (arch.) / esp. yellow, orange or red
warm room / warm partition of a room
nice and warm / cozy / heartwarming
comfortably warm / cozy
Nuannuan District of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
lit. the duck is the first to know if the spring water is warm (idiom) / fig. an expert in the field knows which way the wind blows
warm current / (fig.) warm feeling
vacuum flask / thermos flask
the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb); self-awareness comes from within / to know best by personal experience
space heater / radiator
thermos flask or bottle
greenhouse / polytunnel
radiator / heater
warm tone / warm color
atmospheric warming
warm front (meteorology)
to warm / warming
heating / central heating / greenhouse / hothouse / to pay a house-warming visit
gentle wind and warm sunshine (idiom)
closed sedan chair
global warming (Taiwan and Hong Kong usage) / written 全球變暖|全球变暖 in PRC
sauna (loanword) (Tw)
climate warming
global warming
gas heating
(of the weather) to warm up again
cooling and heating / air conditioning and central heating
housekeeper who looks after old people with no children or whose children do not live with them
lechery springs from warmth and nourishment, kleptomania springs from hunger and cold (idiom)
Nuannuan District of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
disposable hand warmer (Tw)

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