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in the evening / when night falls / towards evening / at night fall / at dusk
  *晚* | 晚* | *晚
evening / night / late
morning and evening / sooner or later
night / CL: 個|个
yesterday evening / last night
on that evening
the same evening
already too late
all day long / the whole day
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.
it is not too late (idiom)
the meal is remembered long after the wait is forgotten / the good things in life are worth waiting for
it is not too late (idiom)
too late to be sorry
lit. for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long (idiom) / fig. revenge is a dish best served cold
it is not too late (idiom)
Syngman Rhee (1875-1965), US trained Korean politician and dictator, president of Republic of Korea 1948-1960
previous night
It is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner

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