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evening / night / CL: 個|个 / in the evening
in the evening / when night falls / towards evening / at night fall / at dusk
  *晚* | 晚* | *晚
evening / night / late
evening party / CL: 個|个
banquet / dinner party / soiree
morning and evening / sooner or later
night / CL: 個|个
evening newspaper / (in a newspaper's name) Evening News
evening meal / dinner / CL: , 頓|顿,
Good night! / Good evening!
later period / end stage / terminal
evening / night
yesterday evening / last night
CCTV New Year's Gala, Chinese New Year special / abbr. to 春晚
Lawcourt evening news, offshoot of 北京年青报 specialising in legal news, www.fawan.com
one's later years
evening meal / dinner / supper / CL: , 頓|顿, ,
Good evening!
on that evening
the same evening
(of trains etc) late / delayed / behind schedule / light dinner
sunset glow / sunset clouds / afterglow
Beijing Evening News
Xinmin Evening News
the late Qing / late 19th and early 20th century China
already too late
evening dress
the younger generation / those who come after
all day long / the whole day
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.
lit. it takes a long time to make a big pot (idiom); fig. a great talent matures slowly / in the fullness of time a major figure will develop into a pillar of the state / Rome wasn't built in a day
I (self-deprecatory, in front of elders) (old)
it is not too late (idiom)
evening show (at theater etc)
most recent in the past / recent / late / recently
the Last Supper (in the Christian Passion story)
to leave early and return late (idiom)
late childbirth / to have a child at a later age
evening scene / circumstances of one's declining years
then it's too late (colloquial)
to marry and give birth late
terminal cancer
Aiwan Pavilion, on Mt Yuelu 岳麓山 in Hubei, famous beauty spot
the meal is remembered long after the wait is forgotten / the good things in life are worth waiting for
it is not too late (idiom)
too late to be sorry
lit. for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long (idiom) / fig. revenge is a dish best served cold
it is not too late (idiom)
evening prayer / evensong / vespers
terminal stage (of illness)
Syngman Rhee (1875-1965), US trained Korean politician and dictator, president of Republic of Korea 1948-1960
now / at this time / this late
previous night
late afternoon
night train
It is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner
clouds at sunset glowing like fire
lit. the ugly daughter-in-law must sooner or later meet her parents-in-law (idiom) / fig. it's not something you can avoid forever
the Last Supper (in the biblical Passion story)
Intoxicating Spring Nights, 1924 short story by Yu Dafu 郁達夫|郁达夫

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