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  *晕* | 晕* | *晕
confused / dizzy / giddy / to faint / to swoon / to lose consciousness / to pass out
  *晕* | 晕* | *晕
dizzy / halo / ring around moon or sun
to faint / to swoon / to black out / to become unconscious
vertigo / dizziness / fainting / feeling of swaying, head spinning, lack of balance or floating (e.g. from a stroke) / Taiwan pr. [xuan4 yun1]
halo / (photography) halation
to smudge (become smeared) / to smudge (create a blurred effect) / shading (wash painting technique)
to be carsick
to faint
mammary areola
to feel dizzy / dizziness
to have a dizzy spell / dazzled
Geez! / Shoot! / No way!
to blush / to flush red
to knock sb out with a drug / to render sb unconscious
confused and disoriented
to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed
to become seasick
confused / dazed
(dialect) to get confused / dumbfounded / to get dizzy
to feel sick when seeing blood
to feel dizzy
dizzy and light-headed
to become airsick
ring around the moon / lunar halo
to feel dizzy
to feel giddy on heights / vertigo
dizzy / giddy
bruise / pale red
coma caused by loss of blood / fainting at the sight of blood / Taiwan pr. [xie3 yun1]
to faint during acupuncture or injection
blood phobia
aural vertigo
concentric circles / circular ripples
to faint in the bathroom (from heat)
peripheral vertigo
to faint from stress (during exam, on stage etc)
dizzy / giddy
head spinning and blurred vision / giddy / in a faint
halo / ring of light around the sun or moon

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