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to mirror / to reflect / mirror image / reflection / (fig.) to report / to make known / to render
to show (a movie) / to screen
cinema room / viewing room
to shine on / (math., linguistics etc) mapping
to show (a movie) / to screen
  *映* | 映* | *映
to reflect (light) / to shine / to project (an image onto a screen etc)
  *映* | 映* | *映
old variant of
to premiere (a movie or TV show) / premiere (of a movie) / first-run (movie) / to greet (the eye) before anything else (e.g. when entering a room)
reflection / image (in a mirror)
to set off by contrast / antithesis / analogy parallelism (linguistics)
(idiom) to greet the eye / to come into view
to shine upon / to reflect
public screening (of a movie)
to reflect (producing an inverted image)
to reflect / to shine
Indian azalea (Rhododendron simsii)
hidden from view / alternately hidden and visible / setting off each other
theory of reflection (in dialectic materialism), i.e. every perception reflects physical reality
to set each other off nicely
to broadcast a film / to televise
premiere of a movie
preview (of a movie) / trial screening
to shine / to illuminate
to be the mirror image of sth / enantiomorphic / antipodal / enantiomeric (chemistry)
to appear before (one's eyes) / to come to (one's mind)
to flash before one's eyes / to flicker
to reshow (a film) / second screening
inverse map (math.)
CRT (cathode ray tube) used in a computer monitor or TV, aka picture tube (Tw) / kinescope
mapping process
bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto) / one-to-one correspondence
enantiomeric isomer (chemistry)
enantiomeric isomerism (chemistry)
joint screening / consecutive screening of collection of movies
variant of 匯映|汇映
(of a light source) to cast one's light on / to project (an image)
variant of 輝映|辉映
to come to mind / to come to one's attention
to start showing a movie
to set off one another
(computing) disk image (aka image file) / ISO image
second-run movie
lit. to collect fireflies and study by their light (idiom); fig. ambitious student from impoverished background / burning the midnight oil
to screen a movie (Tw)
enantiomer (chemistry)

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