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easy / likely / liable (to)
(commercial) trade / CL: 個|个
easily / lightly / rashly
(business) transaction / business deal / CL: 筆|笔
  *易* | 易* | *易
surname Yi / abbr. for 易經|易经, the Book of Changes
  *易* | 易* | *易
easy / amiable / to change / to exchange / prefix corresponding to the English adjective suffix "-able" or "-ible"
simple and easy / simplistic / simplicity
stock exchange
very likely / prone to
another name for Book of Changes (I Ching) 易經|易经
free trade
Louis or Lewis (name)
easy / with no difficulty
Louis or Lewis (name)
easy to understand
to carry out a transaction
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
The Book of Changes ("I Ching")
University of International Business and Economics
pull-top can / easy-open can (with ring-pull)
dealer / trader
amiable (manner) / unassuming / written in plain language / easy to take in
amiable and approachable (idiom); easygoing / modest and unassuming / (of writing) plain and simple / easy to understand
Yi Jianlian (1987-), Chinese basketball player for the New Jersey Nets (NBA)
exchange-traded fund (ETF)
trading partner
trade organization
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
Miyi county in Panzhihua 攀枝花, south Sichuan
Yimen county in Yuxi 玉溪, Yunnan
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Louisiana, US state
easy as a hand's turn (idiom); very easy / no effort at all
to reform habits and customs (idiom)
ease of use / usability
trade deficit / adverse trade balance
flammable articles
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
EachNet, Chinese e-commerce company (formerly owned by eBay and branded as eBay EachNet)
easier said than done (idiom)
trade protectionism
easily guarded, hard to attack
it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one's character (idiom) / you can't change who you are / Can the leopard change his spots?
roll-up banner stand
it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away
Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE
Easy come, easy go. (idiom)
London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE)
European Free Trade Association
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC)
change of string, move out of rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction / to dance to a different tune
to change / to modify
Easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general. (idiom)
Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), Norwegian dramatist, author of Doll's House 玩偶之家
Ibrahim (name) / Arabic and Islamic version of Abraham 亞伯拉罕|亚伯拉罕
Elbe River
Tesco, British-based supermarket chain
GATT, the 1995 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
in other words
Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE)
plea bargaining / plea agreement
to replace one tyranny by another / to use violence against violence
many hands make light work (idiom)
Su Yijian (958-997), Northern Song writer and poet
easy / simple / suitable for beginners
to deal / to transact
to change color and alter one's expression (idiom); to go white with fear / out of one's wits
Yi county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
St Louis, large city in eastern Missouri
to facilitate
perfectly sound proposition / unalterable truth / irrefutable argument
if you take too big a stride, you could easily rip your balls (catchphrase) (line spoken by actor 葛優|葛优 in the 2010 action comedy movie 讓子彈飛|让子弹飞) / (fig.) take things one step at a time
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the thirty-fifth president of Brazil / Lula
difficulty / degree of difficulty or ease
Louis Pierre Althusser (1918-1990), Marxist philosopher
Robert Louis Stevenson (novelist), author of Treasure Island 金銀島|金银岛
study of the Book of Changes 易經|易经
easy to learn
not easy to do sth / difficult / unchanging
(of property) to change owners / (of sovereignty, political power etc) to change hands
legible / readable
exchange / stock exchange
with great difficulty / very difficult
variant of 蜥蜴 / lizard
mutable / volatile / variable
easy to grasp but difficult to put into practice (idiom) / easier said than done
Louisiana, US state
to barter / barter
insider trading / insider dealing
Yi Zhuan, commentary on the "Book of Changes" or "I Ching" 易經|易经
to change one's appearance
Yimen county in Yuxi 玉溪, Yunnan
improvised explosive device (IED)
general trade (i.e. importing and export without processing)
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Composite Index

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