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Xichang cosmodrome / Xichang, county-level city in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
  *昌* | 昌* | *昌
surname Chang
  *昌* | 昌* | *昌
prosperous / flourishing
Nanchang, prefecture-level city and capital of Jiangxi province 江西省 in southeast China / also Nanchang county
Yichang, prefecture-level city in Hubei
Wuchang district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei
Xuchang, prefecture-level city in north Henan, on the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line
Tunchang County, Hainan
Suichang county in Lishui 麗水|丽水, Zhejiang
Xinchang county in Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴, Zhejiang
Dangchang county in Longnan 隴南|陇南, Gansu
Shunchang county in Nanping 南平, Fujian
Yongchang county in Jinchang 金昌, Gansu 甘肅|甘肃 / ancient prefecture in Yunnan 雲南|云南, modern Baoshan 保山
Pingchang county in Panzhihua 攀枝花, south Sichuan
Rongchang suburban county in Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
Longchang county in Neijiang 內江|内江, Sichuan
Ruichang, county-level city in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
Duchang county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
Fanchang county in Wuhu 蕪湖|芜湖, Anhui
Jianchang county in Huludao 葫蘆島|葫芦岛, Liaoning
Dechang county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
Xiaochang county in Xiaogan 孝感, Hubei
Huichang county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
Guangchang county in Fuzhou 撫州|抚州, Jiangxi
Dongchang district of Tonghua city 通化市, Jilin
Achang also called Ngac'ang or Maingtha (ethnic group)
Jinchang prefecture-level city in Gansu
Lechang, county-level city in Shaoguan 韶關|韶关, Guangdong
Wenchang City, Hainan
Ding Ruchang (1836-1895), commander of the Qing North China Navy
Xu Shichang (1855-1939), politician associated with the Northern Warlords, president of China in 1921
Lee Hoi-chang (1935-), South Korean politician
Luo Shichang, Qing dynasty painter
Su Tseng-chang (1947-), Taiwanese DPP politician, premier of the Republic of China (2019-)
Deng Shichang (1849-1894), Qing dynasty naval specialist, founded naval dockyards and two naval colleges, died heroically in action against the Japanese
Han Shichang (1897-1977), actor specializing in Kunqu opera 崑曲|昆曲

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