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prosperous / thriving / to prosper / to flourish
  *旺* | 旺* | *旺
prosperous / flourishing / (of flowers) blooming / (of fire) roaring
vigorous / exuberant
busy season / peak period / see also 淡季
Provence (south of France)
Wangcang county in Guangyuan 廣元|广元, Sichuan
prosperous and developing / flourishing
flourishing / brisk (sales, trading)
Wangcang county in Guangyuan 廣元|广元, Sichuan
Tangwanghe district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
an excess of heat caused by a deficiency in Yin energy (idiom)
duck's blood and beef tripe in spicy soup
Hanwang town in Mianzhu county, Deying 德阳 prefecture, Sichuan
Yau Tsim Mong district of Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tangwanghe district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
Mt Wangbur, Dagzê county 達孜縣|达孜县, Lhasa, Tibet
robust / healthy / vigorous / energetic
busy (business) month
Schwann cell (support axon of nerve cell) / neurolemmocyte
Provençal (language)
Paknampho city, Thailand
Mong Kok (area in Hong Kong)
the Aswan dam in south Egypt
Levanger (city in Trøndelag, Norway)
florid (medicine)
florid (medicine)
Réunion (island in Indian Ocean, a French overseas department) (Tw)
Ngawang Choephel (1966-), Tibetan musicologist and dissident, Fullbright scholar (1993-1994), jailed 1995-2002 then released to US
Aswan (town in south Egypt)
Ngawang Choepel (Tibetan, Fulbright scholar)

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