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time / period / CL:
working hours
Chinese Standard Time
for a moment / momentarily
in the first moments (of sth happening) / immediately (after an event) / first thing
daily schedule / daily routine
to snatch time / to rush / to hurry (up) / to seize the moment
short term / short time
time of going to work / the morning rush hour
time of business / opening hours (of shop) / working time
setup time / settling time
response time
local time
office hours
viewing time
to (try to) find the time to
USA Eastern Standard Time
to take up time / to spend time
to act with urgency / to buy time
downtime (computer network, power plant etc)
to pass the time
settling time (control theory)
response time (technology)
rush hour
to procrastinate / to stall for time / to filibuster
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
to kill time
in a split second
meal times
to stall / to play for time
random period of time / random interval
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Greenwich Mean Time / GMT
tea break / tea and dimsun 點心|点心, traditional Hong Kong lunch
first fixation duration

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