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unmanned / uninhabited
drone / unmanned aerial vehicle
unmanned / unpiloted
to be of no interest to anyone (idiom)
uninhabited region
known to everybody
to have no qualified successors to carry on one's undertaking
no man is not...
nobody can compete with / unmatched by anybody / without rival
self-service ticketing / automated ticketing
to consider everyone else beneath one (idiom); so arrogant that no-one else matters / condescending / to go about with one's nose in the air
inhuman (idiom) / brutal and unfeeling
desolate and uninhabited (idiom)
drone / unmanned aerial vehicle
remote and uninhabited (idiom); deserted / God-forsaken
known to everyone
to act as though there were nobody else present / unselfconscious / fig. without regard for others
person without identification papers, a normal residence permit or a source of income
dark and uninhabited (idiom); remote and deserted / God-forsaken
the poor are ignored in the busiest city; the rich will find relatives in the deepest mountain
without trace of human presence / uninhabited / deserted

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