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  *斩* | 斩* | *斩
to behead (as form of capital punishment) / to chop
to behead
to cut off / to chop sth in half
lit. to cut one's way through thistles and thorns (idiom) / fig. to overcome all obstacles on the way / to break through hardships / to blaze a new trail
to chop sb in half at the waist (capital punishment) / to cut sth in half / to reduce sth by a dramatic margin / to terminate / to cut short
to behead
to surmount all difficulties (on the way to success) (idiom) / abbr. for 過五關斬六將|过五关斩六将
lit. to cross five passes and slay six generals (idiom) / fig. to surmount all difficulties (on the way to success)
lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom) / fig. resolute and decisive / unhesitating / categorical
to cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom); to destroy root and branch / to eliminate completely
Cantonese poached chicken, known as "white cut chicken"
variant of 嶄新|崭新
to blink (literary)
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation / cutting the Gordian knot
first decapitate then present your trophy (idiom); act first, report later
to execute the whole family and confiscate their property
to do sth and not report the fact (idiom)
lit. to kill the tiger and behead the scaly dragon
when two kingdoms are at war, they don't execute envoys (idiom)

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