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setting sun
  *斜* | 斜* | *斜
inclined / slanting / oblique / tilting
to incline / to lean / to slant / to slope / to tilt
sloping side / hypotenuse (of a right-angled triangle)
oblique bar / slash (computing)
a squint / sideways glance / to look askance
italics / slanting typeface
inclined plane
bevel angle / oblique angle
slope / incline
diagonal line / slanting line / slash (punct.) / forward slash (computing)
crooked / askew / oblique / slanting / out of plumb
inclination (from the horizontal or vertical) / slope / obliquity
crooked / not upright / diverging from straight line / improper / dishonest
to recline
catty-corner / to be diagonally opposite to
trapezius muscle (of the upper back and neck)
Leaning Tower of Pisa
slope / gradient / inclination
oblique axes (math.)
leaning tower
backslash (computing)
to cast sidelong glances at sb
penne pasta
diagonal muscle
to look askance / cross or wall-eyed
facial nerve paralysis
from the side of the eye / askance
(medicine) esotropia / cross-eye
oblique / slanting
to recline
not to glance sideways (idiom) / to gaze fixedly / to be fully concentrated / to preserve a correct attitude
external oblique muscle (sides of the chest)
shuddering / trembling / a trembling scrawl (of handwriting)
plagioclase (rock-forming mineral, type of feldspar)
trapezium (geometry)
italic letter / slanting typeface
(downwards-right concave hooked character stroke)
oblique projection
to recline
backslash (computing) / reversed diagonal
sloping path
stroke in Chinese characters
(geology) cataclinal
miter saw
to squint
slash (punct.) / forward slash (computing) / virgule / slanting line / oblique line
(geology) anaclinal
twill weave
crooked / deformed / twisted
syncline (geology)
anticline (geology)
bevel / oblique
a sliced ball (tennis or table tennis)
erhua variant of 斜愣眼
not leaning to one side / impartial / even-handed
to squint

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